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Kira Wynne was born and raised in Houston, TX and moved to MD with her family in 1991. She now resides in Middletown, MD with her loving and supportive husband and crazy talented daughter. She studied psychology in college and worked in the mental health field for about 5 years before she changed career goals and decided to turn her passion into her profession. Kira is a completely self-taught Graphic and Web Designer, as well as a very talented Photographer. Kira has been working in the field for almost 20 years. Most of her career was spent working in the corporate field for companies that were DoD contractors. Due to recent health issues however, she had to leave the daily 9-5 grind behind and now works as a photographer and graphic/ web contractor from the comforts of her home. Kira Wynne is the designer and administrator of The Tentacle website.

Republicans and Conservatives Divided — Is it Always a Bad Thing?

The Republican Party, as well as the clubs with conservative values, are fracturing.  When President Trump left office, many from of his own party were eager to see him go; while others viewed it as the beginning of the end - the first step in the fall of our great Nation.
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