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Jason Miller

Jason Miller and his wife Amanda have resided in Mount Airy since 2011. Originally from the small town of Peru Indiana, Jason attended the University of Southern Indiana after High School in 1999. He joined the Army National Guard and volunteered for active duty after 9-11. Jason served as an Intelligence Analyst in Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, and South Korea. He was honorably discharged at Fort Meade in 2009. Jason was then privately contracted as an intelligence analyst focusing on counter-terrorism. He served as a corporate staffing manager for SINTEL Group Inc. before returning to his current studies at McDaniel College.

Progressive Finger Pointing

The Progressive Democrats have started to understand that their best interests are served best when they are on the same team. As Joe Biden continues his dogged campaign itinerary in Iowa, Senator Elizabeth Warren is suggesting that Senator Bernie Sanders is a misogynist after a very public spat over comments that Sanders made. The drama played out on a nationally televised debate spat.
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