‘Severe Reactions’ to Covid Vaccines are Far More Common Than Official Data Show: Here is the Stunning New Evidence

By Kyle Becker - November 24, 2021


By Kyle Becker

The Covid-19 vaccine* debate has been predicated on a number of demonstrable untruths since the very beginning. No bigger lie has been told to the American public than the vaccines are “safe and effective.”

This ceaseless “safe and effective” mantra has been told to millions of Americans by white labcoat-wearing ‘public health’ officials in countless ad campaigns, as if a page torn out of the Milgram experiment.

Since the quick demise of “15 days to slow the spread,” which we can dub the “father of all Covid lies,” the second part of the “safe and effective” marketing campaign for universal vaccination has crumbled into the dustbin of history. The efficacy of Covid vaccines has evaporated so rapidly that “boosters” are already being advised for all Americans.

Dr. Anthony Fauci hasn’t yet thrown in the towel on proclaiming those people who took the initial round of Covid jabs are no longer “fully vaccinated.” But his recent pronouncement that “we believe” that boosters “will likely” provide the highest level of protection yet gives otherwise healthy people enough pause to scratch that booster shot appointment off the calendar.

The ship of fools has sailed on the notion that vaccines ‘stop the spread.’ Despite the vapid promises of the septuagenarian simpleton at the helm of the country, the vaccines have been demonstrated to be a strong vector for the Delta variant. Prominent “fact-checkers” that normally carry water for the president even had to ding him on the myth that vaccines somehow ‘keep others safe.’

Nor do the vaccines even seem to appreciably slow Delta all that much. As Becker News reported in September, well ahead of the Covid curve, there was a developing trend of “more vaccines, more Covid.” As we have seen in sundry cases around the country since then, high vaccination rates do not translate to lower case rates: Vermont is the most vaccinated state in the nation at 68% ‘fully vaccinated’ (for now), but nonetheless is seeing a massive spike in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.

Now, that we’ve established that the vaccines are not as “effective” as was advertised, now comes the truly ugly part: There’s evidence that they are not nearly as “safe,” either.

There have been complaints before that the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is underreporting Covid vaccine reactions, despite it being a “passive” system. Nonetheless, there have been nearly 670,000 adverse events reported after taking the Covid-19 vaccine, according to the VAERS website.

While the CDC and FDA give the impression that many of these side effects are ‘minor’ in nature – fever, headache, chills, fatigue, etc. – there is mounting cause for concern there are prevalent Covid vaccine Adverse Events (AEs) that are far more serious in nature.

Richard Baris, also known as the People’s Pundit, is currently one of the best pollsters in the country. I had the pleasure of appearing on a TPUSA Orlando panel with him on election integrity matters and can tell you he is the real deal. In fact, I suggest that you support his work to reform the corrupt polling industry in America by considering joining his Locals community.

Now, Baris was concerned by the noticeable disparity between the AEs reported in Pfizer’s documents (more on that below) and the VAERS website, and had taken it upon himself to start polling Americans directly about their vaccine experiences. He went above and beyond the critical threshold needed for a representative sample of national significance by polling 2,414 registered voters across the country. Furthermore, he drilled down enough to check all the boxes on represenative subgroups. This gives his results a sound 95% confidence interval in terms of their representative value.

The national polling on the Covid vaccine adverse events was reported by Ace of Spades (who leads off by weighing in on the surprising generic ballot results).

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