The Uncomfortable Conversations Frederick County Public Schools Doesn’t Want to Have

Cultural Chaos is Created by Their Curriculum


It’s time to start “Fact Checking” Frederick County Public Schools. They have gotten away with decades of misinformation and propagandizing the county’s children for what purpose? What happens to societies where its young people are starved of truth and justice while being fed a hefty portion of politicized misinformation and manipulated facts?

Chaos, the answer is Chaos happens.

Fact Check #1 – Face masks. FCPS promotes the use of face masks as a deterrent for catching COVID-19. It says right on the package – that the wearing of the mask will NOT prevent the spread of viruses or disease. These masks are medical devices regulated by the FDA. Citizens should believe the warning the FDA requires on the box. During The Great Frederick Fair FCPS was giving away Three-Layer Purification Masks. Right on the package is states: “Non Medical Use.”  It also came with a warning: “WARNING: This product may contain chemical(s) determined by the State of California to cause of cancer [sic], birth defects and/or reproductive harm.”  FCPS was freely giving these to our children and encouraging their use. Another warning on the package: “If you feel unwell or dizzy, immediately remove mask and consult your doctor.”

Fact Check #2 – The “vaccine.”  The “vaccine” FCPS is pushing is NOT a vaccine. Vaccine’s prevent disease spread. None of the available covid vaccines are preventing disease spread. Fully vaccinated people have died from Covid. Fully vaccinated people are still getting covid-19.

Fact Check #3 – Therapeutics. FCPS pushes mask usage and getting the “vaccine” but ignores effective therapeutics. Ivermectin saves lives. India is almost completely Covid free because instead of forcing untested shots on the public they supplied them with Ivermectin. Mainstream media refuses to report on this but a thorough search of the Internet will uncover the truth. Here is Dr. Lenny Da Costa, from India, on the use of Ivermectin in India.

Fact Check #4 – Humans can change their sex and there are more than two genders. Humans cannot change their sex. Men can’t breast feed; women don’t have prostate issues. There are only two genders. God created men and women. It’s that simple.

Fact Check #5 – Climate change is a fact. Humans are not causing catastrophic changes in climate. In 2019 the Washington Times reported we were told in the 1970’s the impending ice age would create food shortages by the year 2000.  By the late 1980’s climate alarmist were predicting a deadly rise in sea levels due to global ice melt. Neither happened.

In a Forbes article in 2019 Michael Shellenberer wrote there was a “99.7% decline” in death from natural disasters from “its peak in 1931.”  He reported “in 1931, 3.7 million people died from natural disasters. In 2018, just 11,000 did.”  This happened while the global population “quadrupled.” 

Fact Check #6 – America and American institutions are built on racism. White people by birth are oppressors of people of color. These statements in and of themselves are racist and divisive. Slavery is in the history of every nation and in every culture. When the Puritans arrived on the Mayflower, they were escaping religious persecution, not bringing slavery to the New World. Blacks are purposefully painted by the political class as continually victimized so they can be used as tools.  Public (Government) education doesn’t teach the black community about their rich and vibrant history in America. Documentaries like Duke Ellington’s Washington and books like American History in Black and White paint a more accurate picture of life in America, warts and all.  

Fact Check #7 – Rights come from Government. – Wrong. Rights come from God not governments. The Constitution restrains government not the people. When the Superintendent of FCPS is telling the public its rights come from government, it’s time to overhaul the education model she is implementing with permission from the Board of Education. Frederick County Public Schools are teaching our young people they answer to government, when it is government who answers to them.

FCPS is not creating a world class education for the children of Frederick. They are propagandists with political and social agendas and it’s time for the Board of Education, Superintendent and Central Office Administrators to be replaced with people who understand the proper role of education and government.

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