Response to the Maryland Board of Elections Rumor Control


The Maryland State Board of Election recently claimed it was only a rumor that the 2020 votes for the Democratic Presidential candidate in Anne Arundel, Carroll, Frederick and Harford Counties were an anomaly, despite the 34.0% increase in votes in Harford County, 34.6% increase in Anne Arundel County, 37.2% increase in Carroll County and 37.4% increase in Frederick County, with these results directly sourced from BOE’s own data and validated by multiple elected officials and BOE personnel.  The Board of Elections stated it was not an anomaly, despite these increases being 16x to 50x higher than the last four elections.

Instead, the BOE focused on registration information from only Democrats and not on total votes, either a curious oversight or an attempt to deflect attention.  We are disappointed that their announcement did not address, nor dispute, our publication of actual voting results analysis that unmistakably showed that vote anomalies did in fact occur and require investigation. This statement is based on extensive analysis of almost 2.2M votes and 20 years of elections data in these counties. As defined in Merriam-Webster, an anomaly is that which is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify… a perfect description for the 2020 vote results in these four counties.

To properly inform the voters of Maryland, we want to repeat and provide the following as FACT and not rumors based on the BOE’s own data and US census data. The Maryland BOE has not disputed, nor explained these FACTs:

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