Republicans … The time is now. We can win the Frederick City Election!


The math works.  The voter turnout is low.  2 Candidates are running for Mayor on the Democrat side of the Aisle.  They will split the vote and we can win this Election!

What I need you to do …

Fill out your Ballot and mail it before Election Day … Vote on Tuesday … or use one of the Many Drop Boxes.  

Fill-out your Ballot:

  1. Write-in Blaine R. Young for Mayor,
  2. Vote for Robert Fischer & Michelle Shay for Alderman.

If you do not live in the City of Frederick … Call 5 Friends that do … Be sure they Vote … Offer to pick up their Ballot and drop it off in a Drop Box for them.

Republicans … We can win this Election if you jump in and help! 

Now is the Time… Let’s take back our Country!

For the General Election, all ballot dropboxes will close on Tuesday, November 2nd at 8PM. 

Dropbox Locations 

Please note that ballots dropped in a dropbox cannot be tracked via the mail-in ballot tracking system.

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