Mandates, Exemptions and Data: Navigating the Challenges Ahead

Thanks to all of you who registered for Informed Choice Maryland’s Fall 2021 Webinar, and special thanks to our attendees who made the event a success!

Many of you were unable to join us last night and have asked for a video link to the recorded presentation. Please view and share the following video link:

Mandates, Exemptions, and Data: Navigating the Challenges Ahead

The following topics were discussed:

Introduction (00:01:55)

Vaccine Mandates (00:04:39) – President Biden’s Executive Order and announced OSHA requirements for federal, state/local, and private employers

Religious and Medical Exemptions (00:43:25) – How to draft and submit religious and medical exemptions for optimal success

Using VAERS (01:09:22) – A look at the CDC Wonder web interface and how to access and interpret VAERS reports

Q&A (01:26:55)

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Many thanks for all you do to protect parental rights and informed medical choice in our state! Thank you,The ICM Team
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