Meet Chaz Packan Republican Candidate for County Council District 4

Image Courtesy Chaz Packan

Chaz Packan has announced he is officially running for the Republican nomination for County Council in 2022 in his home district – County Council District 4.

Chaz says it’s “time for bold conservative leadership that advocates for a government closer to and accountable to the people! We need lower taxes and less onerous fees and regulations in this County and district, I am asking for your support in this endeavor.”

He said we can and “must restore confidence that the People of Frederick County control their government not the monied outside interest groups that don’t have the people of this district or County in mind.”

If elected to the County Council, he says he will “serve as an honest, straightforward common-sense voice, who will serve the interests of the citizens of Frederick County and not the self-serving politically motivated interests of Winchester Hall.”

The kickoff for Chaz’s campaign is Tuesday, September 28, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. Click here for details.

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