Let’s Meet Michelle Shay, Republican Candidate for Frederick City Alderman.

Image Courtesy Michelle Shay

I moved to Frederick after, living in Montgomery County for many years. I moved specifically for the high quality of life and smaller town feel that Frederick offered. I love open spaces and less populated areas to make living and working a bit easier to manage.

However, while living here, I noticed that there has been a high rate of growth and development going on. I began to see the increased traffic and overall demand on core city services such as the one hospital in the whole county, parking capacity, etc. I also noticed increased crime.

I am concerned about the rate of dense growth and development projects in the city and believe it is and will erode the quality of life for Frederick residents, and county residents as well.

I work in the city and have worked in the office throughout COVID. Working in social services for over 30 years, most of which has been in management roles, I am a problem-solver. Whether it micro or macro social, policy, operations or funding, I have a significant background in all of these, and would bring that direct experience to the Alderman role.

My three platform issues:

1) More responsible and sustainable growth and development planning that recognizes the impact on current infrastructure in and around the city.

2) Public Safety – there has been an increase in crimes related to substance use, theft, and some violent crimes. Public safety affects everyone, and our city should be a safe place to live and work, this requires a knowledgeable, well-equipped and well-supported law enforcement program. I support law and order in Frederick.

3) Lowering property taxes. The city’s rate of property taxes is very high. Even with increased housing developments the rates don’t decrease accordingly. Although we do need a solid tax base for the city, Frederick homeowners should not be overtaxed as standard practice, making homeownership even more difficult to obtain or maintain in the city.

I would be honored to represent you and address these and other important legislative issues to retain the high quality of life in Frederick.

You can meet Michelle Shay and Alderman candidate Robert Fischer at a Town Hall October 7, 2021, 6:30 p.m. at the Frederick Elks Club, 289 Willowdale Drive, Frederick, Maryland 21702. Click here for details.

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