Will Frederick County Public Schools Listen to Real Science About Covid-19?


If you haven’t seen the video below of Dr. Dan Stock giving testimony about the coronavirus before the Mt. Vernon, Indiana School Board, I suggest you drop everything you are doing and invest 6:24 minutes of your time.

Dr. Stock is a “functional family medicine physician specially trained in Immunology and Inflammation Regulation”

In the video he reports to the Board we can’t get a handle on this virus because “we are doing things that aren’t useful, and we’re getting things from the Board of Health and CDC who don’t actually bother to read science.”

He says everything being recommended by both the Board of Health and CDC is “contrary to all the rules of science.”  He goes on to explain “coronaviruses and all other respiratory viruses are spread by aerosol particles which are small enough to go through every mask.”  Literature to support those statements are found in this link.

Dr. Stock says three of the studies in his documents provided to Mt. Vernon were sponsored and paid for by the National Institute of Health (NIH). They are choosing to ignore the studies THEY paid to have done.

“The natural history of all respiratory viruses is that they circulate all year long waiting for the immune system to get sick.” Said Dr. Stock during his comments.

He went on to explain how vaccines like Smallpox worked because Smallpox only infected humans. There was no “animal reservoir” for it to lie in wait for a human host. He explained how coronaviruses are always and will always be with us and that you cannot vaccinate your way out of their spread. You have to let them run their course.

He asks the Board and the public to ask themselves why they are treating this respiratory infection differently from all the other respiratory infections we have gone through year after year. Why is there a respiratory “break out” during the summer when respiratory illnesses don’t normally do that?

He says human intervention has “enhanced” the conditions for the virus to thrive in. He says the “vaccine” is fighting the virus “wrong” and caused the virus to become worse than it would had it been allowed to occur naturally. He cites the Massachusetts study where 75% of the new cases involved fully vaccinated individuals.

He says vaccinated persons should be treated any differently than vaccinated people. They are still capable of catching and spreading covid as if they have never been vaccinated.

Dr. Stock is a supporter of vaccines but said that vaccines do not “stop infection.”  He explains how a 2014 outbreak of mumps in the National Hockey League was caused by the vaccinated population, not the unvaccinated.

He informed the Board that vaccines do not stop the spread and until they stop following the “counterfactual” information coming from the CDC and Boards of Health they will be chasing this coronavirus forever.

He ended with the hopeful and helpful note that there are plenty of successful therapeutics and he has treated over 15 COVID-19 patients, none which had come anywhere near needing hospitalization.

Those treatments were actively loading with Vitamin D, Ivermectin and Zinc. He testified having a “25-hydroxy Vitamin D level” can drop your risk of Covid 19 death significantly.

To be a fully informed member of the community, you need to listen to Dr. Dan Stock. Use his information to write to the Board of Education (Board@fcps.org) and tell them there is no medical necessity for a mask mandate when school opens in August. 

If YouTube takes the video down, it can be found on Rumble here.

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