Judge Signs Order That Could Send Employees at the Frederick County Court House To The Unemployment Line

Judicial Overreach in Action

Statue of Lady Justice Scale On Usa Flag in Law and Justice
Statue of Lady Justice Scale On Usa Flag in Law and Justice

One sign your country, state and county are slipping into the abyss is last minute orders signed on Fridays when no one is watching.

Late in the day on Friday, August 20, 2021 Maryland Court of Appeals Judge Mary Ellen Barbera issued an emergency administrative order – On COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for Judiciary Personnel in Courthouses and Judicial Branch Facilities.

I’m not a lawyer but my first question is, is this legal? Can a member of the judiciary create a law via order to mandate employees of the judiciary get medical treatment?

How many people working in the Frederick County Court House does this effect?  How many read the science, did the research and decided they didn’t want to take the risk of being permanently injured by an “Emergency Use” shot?

How many of your neighbors, friends or family either now must inject something into their body they don’t want, subject themselves to weekly testing, or quit? 

What “Emergency” is there that the Chief Judge references in August 20 Order – WHEREAS, Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and the more recent emergence of the Delta variant of the novel coronavirus, and consistent with guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an emergency exists;”

Even if this “emergency” did exist, where in Maryland Constitution, Article 4, section 18 sited by Judge Barbera is the power to declare an “emergency?”  I don’t see any language or authority to force employees of the Judiciary to inject their bodies with an unapproved drug.  The language appears to be “administrative” in nature only.  I would argue demanding medical treatment rises well above “administrative” authority.

The last time I checked, any law that was contrary to the US Constitution wasn’t legal.  But like one of my favorite, infamous Frederick office holders used to say, “nothing is illegal until someone takes you to court and wins” (or loses, depending on what side you’re on).

I don’t know Judge Barbera’s political affiliation, but judging from this order, I’m guessing a progressive socialist? 

This begs the question of Frederick County residents – When?  When are you going to stand up and demand these tyrannical bureaucrats stop dictating what they believe is best for you and your family?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t get my medical advice from school superintendent’s or judges.

First it was “15 days” to flatten the curve. Followed by social isolation so hospitals won’t become overwhelmed; then it was wear a mask so things can get back to normal; then it was get the vaccine so you won’t have to wear a mask; then wear a mask because the vaccine won’t protect you; but the booster shot…..  It’s been over TWO YEARS – it’s NEVER – GOING -TO – END until you make it end. 

Another favorite of mine is this anonymous quote – “What you allow, is what will continue.”

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