Third Reich Pedagogy in Frederick County Public Schools


The “Nazis” of Frederick County are not the mythological “white supremacists” the leftist, Democrat Wokeatarians keep insisting exist here in Frederick County.  They do exist, but their headquarters is 191 South East Street, Frederick; a/k/a Frederick County Public Schools Central Office.  Their satellite office is 1 Worman’s Mill Court, Frederick; a/k/a Frederick County Teachers Association (FCTA).  No doubt there’s probably a base camp at Winchester Hall.

We’re discovering wherever Democrats are in charge, Marxist ideology reigns.

For a decade it’s been pointed out to parents here in Frederick that globalist Marxists have taken over public education.  Every time I wrote, posted or talked about this subject the FCTA brown shirts attempt to bully, berate and embarrass me into silence.  They’ve been masterful in keeping me off the Board of Education, but they will NEVER stop me from continuing to shine a light on the hate-fueled garbage they call education. 

FCPS has devolved from top tier academics and enrichment to learning built around racial identity and sexual expression.

We’ve had a decade to fix this issue when it was small.  It’s now metastasized into a full-blown cult where children and FCPS employees are brainwashed and indoctrinated from September through June with Marxist ideology. 

It’s embedded in the system enough our teachers must attend anti-racism (Critical Race Theory) training.  Powerful enough to compel fourth grade music teacher, county councilman and candidate for County Executive, Jessica Fitzwater to proclaim during a council meeting she was a privileged, racist because she was white.

Make no mistake, if your children attend an FCPS public school they are being taught to believe America is horrible; all whites are racists, blacks and other minorities can’t achieve their goals because whites suppress them; toddlers are capable of deciding what sex they are; police aren’t trustworthy, skin color and sexuality are more important than personal responsibility, work ethic and integrity. 

They purposefully try and get between parents and their children.  It’s written in FCPS Policy 443.     

Michael Farris posted the below to his Facebook page on June 1, 2021. Take out Loudoun County and insert Frederick County and the story is almost the same. 

The Loudoun County Battle over Public Schools & Historical Tyranny

Almost everyone has heard about the battle going on in the Loudoun County School system.  

The officials have been pushing a radical theory of racism under the guise of fighting racism–a fair description of critical race theory.

The officials have designed an aggressive sexual political agenda replete with coercion of teachers and elimination of common-sense distinctions between boys and girls.

And they have just suspended a courageous teacher who dared to speak against a proposed policy advancing this sexual political agenda.

In the midst of this battle, I ordered a book entitled “Education in Nazi Germany.” It is a scholarly work published in 2010, by Lisa Pine who is a Lecturer in History at London South Bank University.

Here is a portion of the concluding paragraph of this book:

“An understanding of education in the Third Reich illustrates the dangers of political ideology determining which subjects are taught in schools and how they are taught. . . . Nazi ideology defined and underlined all pedagogic activity—knowledge of the Party and its leader, the ‘national community’ and racial awareness formed the core of education in the Third Reich. Educational content in the Third Reich Educational content in the Third Reich largely comprised Party propaganda. Nazi “total’ education in the schools and youth groups together aimed to create a new young generation of Germans committed to Nazi ideology and able to carry out their obligations to the state.”

The Nazi tactics were described on p. 2 of the same book.

“The Hitler regime employed a combination of policies designed to create consensus, as well as censorship, aiming to ensure that access to other sources of information or ways of thought was unavailable.”

We are not at the early stages of anything. This a very sophisticated and well-developed plan to overthrow the shared values that have made us a nation–the greatest nation in the history of the planet.

But I believe it is not too late. The majority of Americans agree with one thing–it is time that we remove politics from the public schools.

No taxpayer should be required to fund a system that has a central purpose in promoting a worldview that is contrary to his beliefs. No parent should be coerced to send their child to such a school. And no teacher should lose their job for speaking against the politicization of public schools.

This is not about an educational preference. This is about stopping a totalitarian takeover of the minds of children as a means of imposing dangerous regime on our land.

We must stop the practice of using public schools as agents of indoctrination. Period.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

(Michael Farris is CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom, Chancellor Emeritus of Patrick Henry College, Chairman of Home School Legal Defense Association.)

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