Frederick Is Not A Bastion of White Supremacy

We Are A Bastion of Progressive Activism

"All Cops Are Bastards" graffiti left in Frederick City by Wake Up 301 protestors in April 2021.

On Thursday the Frederick News Post ran the story Frederick mom wants change after son reportedly called racial slur during high school game. If it happened, it needs to be dealt with. If it didn’t happen, that needs to be dealt with too.  False claims of being called the “n” word are just as evil and dangerous as the derogatory use of the word. 

On June 14 it was reported that Whittier Elementary School had been vandalized using sidewalk chalk to write a racial slur and an “obscene” image.  That incident is still being investigated by the Frederick Police Department.

We’re all familiar with the 2019 Jussie Smollett case where he paid friends to attack him and then claimed Trump supporters did it.

There’s the 2019 case where a black Virginia student accused three white students of cutting off her dreadlocks.  Later the girl admitted she made the story up.

In 2018 The University of Maryland reported a hate crime when “racially charged graffiti – including a swastika” was discovered in the men’s bathroom.  That incident turned out to be a hoax.

Racially motivated hoaxes have become prevalent enough that Townhall wrote If America Is So Racist, Why Are There So Many Race Hoaxes?

Am I insinuating the Frederick High or Whittier incidents are hoaxes?  I’m saying we must look into the possibility and not automatically assume the worst.   Although perpetrating a hoax to incite or manipulate the public is just as heinous.

When Frederick County Public Schools chose to cancel the lacrosse game, they sent the wrong message to our county.  Instead of continuing the game and saying they take the matter seriously and are looking into it, they shut everything down under the assumption of guilt.

No lives were in danger, what was the reason for the over-reaction? What happened to the presumption of innocence or misunderstanding?

The timing of both incidents is cause for questioning their veracity.  In the past few months parents in Frederick have begun to learn about Critical Race Theory (CRT).  They are beginning to ask questions and raise concerns.  Can you think of a better way to tamp the questioning down?

Is it a coincidence the son of the vice-president of the local NAACP chapter was called the “n” word during a high school lacrosse game?

We have one student who believes he was called the “n” word and no reports of anyone else hearing it.  Ms. Thrasher doesn’t want to hear from FCPS “we’re taking care of it” she wants action.  If the “action” isn’t an automatic assumption of guilt, I agree with her. 

She wants policy changes before we even know the results of the investigation?  Has she already decided guilt?  Has she contemplated her son misunderstood what he heard, or is not being truthful?  Are she and her son victims of Critical Race Theory mind games?  Are we?

This is the core danger of Critical Race Theory training – “all whites are racist” therefore this must have happened; all people of color are victims, therefore it must have happened.   CRT demands we prejudge everyone either oppressor or oppressed, guilt is automatically assumed. “Innocence” is to be proven, not guilt. This is antithetical to the American justice system.

Have continual accusations of being called “white supremacist”, “born a racist”, “oppressed by whites” and “victimized” caused some in our community to lash out? Is someone just being a jerk and stirring up trouble?

These are all possibilities.

In 2019 the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program reported 4,091 crimes against persons because of their “race/ethnicity/ancestry.”  There were 1,203,808 violent crimes.  Making racially motivated crimes .33% of crime in the nation. Although low, they seem to be on the rise. Why?

Allen Etzler, spokesperson for the Frederick Police Department said in an interview regarding the Whittier incident: “police don’t generally see much racially and sexually charged graffiti, although it has been on the rise this past year.” Again, why?

The 2018 FCPS Bullying and Harassment reports show 11 students out of 40,000 filed a racially motivated incident report.  That’s .0275%.  We all agree the number should be zero, but there will always be these issues.  How we deal with them is what matters.  What these numbers show is that racism isn’t the “systemic” or “cultural” problem the Critical Race Theorists and our Board of Education want you to believe.

If either of these incidents turn out to be factual, let’s treat them as the isolated incidents they are.  It isn’t evidence of systemic racism or a culture of racism in Frederick County.

After all, Black Lives Matter and anti 287g protests here in Frederick had to bus people in to make it look like we have racial unrest here.

They left graffiti and destruction in their wake.

The people who want us divided need these stories to fuel the narrative of systemic racism.   They need us to distrust each other because that’s how they retain power over us. They don’t want you talking to me nor me talking to you. If we do, we may find out we have the same positive feelings about our county. They want parents to shut up about the push to get Critical Race Theory (anti-racism) activism in our schools and neighborhoods.  The best way to shut the public up is to scream RACIST!

It’s time to start rejecting the people, agencies and groups who continue to try and divide our communities by trying to turn isolated incidents into a growing trend here in Frederick County.

Editor’s Note: Per Frederick Police Spokesman Allen Etzler regarding the Whittier incident: “The investigation has been suspended. There was a lack of video cameras in the area that enabled us to locate or identify any suspects. FCPS is aware we have suspended the investigation.”

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