How to Change Frederick County Public Education for the Better

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The parents and taxpayers of Frederick County need to become “doers.”  We’ve spent too many years sitting on our butts not doing anything until something affects us personally.  I know, I was one of them until 10 years ago.

If you care about the future of America, your most IMPORTANT responsibility is becoming involved in the governance of local public education.

We sat in naive comfort on the sidelines while progressive, Democrat, Marxist political activists have taken over our classrooms. I opined on this yesterday.

The first thing everyone in Frederick County should do, regardless of if you have children in school is sign up for Frederick County Public Schools “Find Out First” (FOF).  (Link provided below.)

FOF not only tells you about school closings but gives you the option to sign up for other notifications.

You can be notified for school specific items or those system wide like when textbooks and other resources are being considered for adoption. 

I can tell you from experience, few people take the time to look at what’s being taught with our tax dollars.

By being proactive you can prevent a racist, sexualize or anit-American textbook from being adopted; it’s happened.

Don’t think you have to have a student at FCPS to complain about something that concerns you.  Your tax dollars are funding the current political activist training FCPS calls “education.”

If you want to be a “doer” your first step is to get involved.

Find out more about Critical Race Theory (teaching our children to be racists), here.

Sign up for, Find Out First (FOF) here

KNOW what books and resources FCPS is using.  One way to do that is by reviewing the materials being considered for adoption.  FCPS provides a monthly list  here.  If you hear of a book being used in a school (even if another county or state), write to FCPS and ask them. 

Join one of the twelve Board Committees: Board of Education Policy; Calendar; Citizens Advisory Council; Curriculum and Instruction; Ethics Panel; Family Life Advisory (health/sex ed); Career and Technology Advisory Council; Gifts for Education; Investment; Racial Equity and Special Education Citizens Advisory Committee, here.

See if there are openings in these committees here. (As of this writing there are no vacancies, send an email to be sure.  The site isn’t always current.)

Follow the Board of Education meetings here.  If you see or read something that concerns you, email Superintendent Terry Alban here and the members of the Board of Education: here. Find BoE agendas, minutes and documents from past and current meetings here.

Follow your child’s teacher/s, principal, the Board Members and the Superintendent on Twitter and other social media. There are many FCPS teachers with Black Lives Matter banners. Does that matter? In the current over-politicized climate, I say – yes, it does.

A small sampling of some FCPS Twitter pages to follow:

These are OUR schools.  The only way to get the political activism, race and sex-based pedagogy, curriculum, and resources out of our classrooms is to DEMAND it.

You can also get it removed by removing the people who adopted it – The Board of Education. 

SHARE what you know and learn.  People are busy, lazy, occupied and chances are they don’t know what you know.  Follow The Tentacle on Facebook and on our website.  We don’t know everything but what we do know, we share.  Parent and student rights are our number one concern. 

You can help restore joy and academic excellence to the classroom by voting for Board of Education members who value parents and children above Teacher’s Unions.  

Even after the Fauci email stating masks wouldn’t protect anyone from the virus, Superintendent Alban and our Board of Education said they would make no request of Governor Hogan to lift the mask mandates for our children or the employees of FCPS.

You can run for the Board of Education, some helpful links to resources for running can be found here.

In 2022 you can change the face of public education here in Frederick by removing all four incumbents.   The incumbents (if they choose to run) are Jay Mason, Brad Young, Karen Yoho, and Elizabeth Barrett.  Everyone of them is a progressive.  Forget they are nice people you want to have a beer with.  They are progressives whose goals are not your goals.  You’ll change nothing without removing ALL FOUR.

If you want your children taught your values, if you want Board members who will protect your rights and fight for your children, you must elect people who live and create policies that reflect your values.

You witnessed what the current Board of Education was unwilling to do. Now go fix it.

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