FCPS Asks You to Embrace The Discomfort of Teaching Critical Race Theory

To Understand The Teaching You Have To Understand The Language


You don’t have to title something “Critical Race Theory” to be teaching and utilizing the tools of Critical Race Theory. 

What parents and the public need to understand are the applications and real-world outcomes of using it as a tool.  If the curriculum and resources aren’t specifically using the words Critical Race Theory, it doesn’t mean they aren’t. 

Our teachers were recently instructed to recognize they have racial bias or were oppressed (even if they don’t and weren’t).  From that position they are coerced into delivering their classroom lessons from an “equity lens.”  In FCPS own words: “For any program, practice, decision, or action, the impact on all students is addressed, with strategic focus on marginalized student groups.” [Emphasis added.]

Translation:  Every action the teacher takes and lesson she gives is “strategically focused” on skin color.  How will this lesson racially impact every student, especially students of color?

To understand “how” they are going to do this, you have to watch the Racial Equity Committee meetings here. This newly formed Committee needs to be dissolved immediately for the safety of our schools and communities. Their goal is creating racial unrest and division. This Committee is the tool to embed Critical Race Theory throughout our schools and into our communities.  Their goal is to manipulate our students and the public into believing systemic racism is everywhere in every action.  If you are white they want to help you come to grips with the fact you are a racist, you just don’t know it yet.

Even though decades of throwing millions of dollars at minority populations haven’t closed achievement gaps, FCPS is still dedicated to throwing more money at the problem. Only now, they are going to blame white people for these systemic problems and call us racists while they do it. 

People who actually want to see students reach their full potential know it’s children in poverty areas, regardless of the color of their skin, that don’t always do as well as children from middle to upper-middle class neighborhoods. We know it’s about motivation, support and resources, not melanin levels.

Instead of using valuable education time on motivation through joyful, positive content crafted for the circumstances, FCPS is going to put more money into resources that continue to focus on the victim or oppressor status of race.  Their new focus is spreading the toxic messages within Critical Race Theory.

It’s going to place undue stress on our teachers by asking them to check their bias daily, focus on the skin colors in the room and start their lessons only after they’ve checked all their privilege or oppression (depending on the race of the teacher).

It’s no wonder our schools aren’t fully staffed, and tenured teachers are leaving in droves.  What experienced professional would want to teach in this environment?

Thank goodness FCPS has a Race and Racism handbook to help its teachers and employees navigate the new education model of “strategically focusing on race”.

It’s a bit confusing, racist, contradictory and insulting, but hang in there when you read it.

Page 4 (Conversations on Race and Racism) says we are to embrace our “discomfort.” Page 5 (Addressing Racist Speech and Actions) uses subjective terminology that may make some people “uncomfortable” and if it does it’s supposed to be investigated immediately. 

So, which is it, embrace the discomfort or be investigate for making someone uncomfortable?  Why does the Board of Education get to decide which groups must be made to feel uncomfortable? FCPS policies specifically state ALL students are made to feel welcome. I don’t know about you, but after beign told I’m born a racist who is driven by biology and culture to oppress people of color, I’d have a hard time feeling “welcome.”

Why does the Board of Education and the Racial Equity Committe get to determine who and what is “devaluing”, “disrespectful” or “denigrating”?  These are all subjective terms. People’s skin not only comes in different colors, it also comes in different thicknesses.

Nothing in the 13-page Handbook nor in the discussions I’m hearing from the Racial Equity Committee makes me feel good about the education our children will be getting from Frederick County Public Schools.

Christopher F. Rufo’s Tweet will help you understand how FCPS is teaching Critical Race Theory without using those words.

Our Board of Education has lost their way. They’ve become hyper focused on skin color, sexual orientation and leftist political activism. Our children deserve a Board of Education hyper focused on classical learning that includes math, science, language arts, music and enrichment.

The good news is parents will get to decide in 2022 if they want to continue with a Board of Education focused on skin color or vote in four new members who will focus on a joyfilled classical education for our children.

FCPS wants us to feel “uncomfortable” with being called racists. I reject that and so should everyone in Frederick County.

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