Children at Rock Creek Spend Their Last Day at Their Beloved School


Today is a bittersweet day for the parents, students, and staff at Rock Creek School.  It’s their last day in the building on Waverley Drive.  Summer school will be held in the New Rock Creek School in Walkersville.

This is the place where Ben learned how to push wheels for the first time to propel himself forward.  If not for the dedication of his teacher “B.A.” this may not have happened.  This same dedicated teacher not only taught my son things, but she taught me (and no doubt others) how to make our own adaptive toys.

An adaptive toy can cost anywhere from $50 to over $100.  With some patience and about $5 in supplies you can change a $5 toy into the smile inducing prized possession of a child who can’t otherwise “play” with toys.

We’ve had some great teachers over the years and we look forward to seeing them as we walk around the new Rock Creek.

Many friendships were created in the halls, around the tables and during special occassions at “The Rock.” Those friendships often last well past a student’s graduation. Special needs parents have a special bond, even when it’s unspoken. We aren’t like other parents. Our lives are ruled by our children’s disabilities. Parents and friends of neurotypical children don’t understand why we can’t go to this event or that event. Parents of our special children get it when we have to decline invitation after invitation.

We’ll take these friendships to the new Rock Creek with us.

I visited Ben’s school on Waverley for probably the last time on Tuesday.  It brought tears to my eyes to see how the children had painted the gymnasium with their goodbyes. 

Some students will start their new journey in the new building in August but others, like my son will start his new adventure in July.  We are excited and anxious. 

Rock Creek in Walkersville is a lot farther than what was once a centralized location.  I worry about the drive through rush hour traffic in an already congested area.  I have confidence in Ben’s bus driver “Ms. Becky”, and honestly Ben loves riding the school bus so for him it will probably be a blast.

If there is an emergency at school, I and other parents have a lot farther to drive in a state of unknowing.

Ben will get a tour of his new school next week.  We’re excited to see how the vision materialized.  We are excited to see the staff who greeted us each morning at Waverley greet us in Walkersville.

The Rock Creek community of students, parents, teachers, aids, therapists and staff are family. As a family we are hopeful for the days ahead and looking forward to making new memories in our new home.

It’s time to put the restrictions of the pandemic, bad and sad memories behind us.  Pack up our fond memories, bring them to the new school and move forward.  It’s time for new beginnings.

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