EXCLUSIVE! Papadopoulos Exposes Deep State – “Nothing Is Going To Stop What’s Coming”


By Stew Peters Show

George Papadopoulos appears on The Stew Peters Show

We are watching the criminal actions of progressive puppets installed by globalists that wish to completely destroy the nuclear family structure, weaken the military of our once great superpower, the evil elites on a mission to tear down the framework of our republic, stomp all over your freedom and liberty and shred the Constitution of the United States, abolish Christianity and ultimately want you dead.

The power of this battle has been completely diminished and understated by a state-controlled media that continues to push the propaganda strategically written by communists that control the installed regime, and despite the forensic proof spotlighting a hijacked election, video evidence of their lies surrounding a Hollywood script titled “The Trump Insurrection”, manufactured division sparked by the falsehood of systemic racism that, in just one summer season, caused $12 billion in damage to our communities while terrorists freely roam the streets as God-loving Conservatives are targeted and jailed for speaking out, voicing their opposition to the radical invasion of our once-free country.

This isn’t about Republicans and Democrats. This is the true war, the final battle of good vs evil, and we have one job to do. We cannot fail, we cannot lay down. We must win, or these kids that we love so much, our greatest gifts from God will be completely without hope. A child born today will never really know what it means to be truly free. Imagine that.

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