Study Banned From Facebook Because it's Counter to the Propaganda


By David Fiorazo – April 22nd, 2021

Always remember this: science doesn’t speak; scientists do. But which doctors and scientists are we supposed to believe when we’ve heard conflicting information for a year now? Polls show that most Americans no longer trust the so-called experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci. That’s a good thing.

Do masks work, is there enough testing on experimental genetic therapies, are vaccines effective long term, what about the so-called science behind social distancing and shutdowns? Now a new study at Stanford University has confirmed that masks do not prevent the spread of Covid-19.

What in the world are we supposed to believe? I’m David Fiorazo and this is Christ and Culture.

All we hear from the left and the media is caution, danger, fear, panic, trust the science, obey government, they know what’s best. Really? Many have been confused or frustrated by the misinformation, lost freedoms, and treatments being politicized. Most fair-minded people would admit the cure of isolation and shut-downs have done more damage than the disease.

Not only were government remedies inconsistent, but we should be asking the next logical question: aren’t they doing more harm than good by being so overcautious? After removing mask mandates, for example, Texas and Mississippi are seeing their lowest Covid numbers in a year. Is there any correlation?

In a recent interview, Dr. Fauci was asked why a vaccinated person still has to wear a mask? He said your risk of infecting someone after you’re vaccinated is very small — but there’s a risk. Right. With these kinds of answers, it’s hard not to see an agenda of control by the left to keep enforcing mandates, closures, and lockdowns with no end in sight.

Ohio congressman, Jim Jordan and others who are trying to get clear answers from the so-called experts are often mocked, shouted down, or labeled ‘conspiracy theorists.’  Jordan grilled Fauci during a House subcommittee meeting after Fauci failed to provide specific measures for when public life could resume.

Fauci offered no metrics in his response, simply saying that the goal was to “help lower the number of COVID cases in the U.S. so it’s not a threat.”

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