WATCH: Legislator seeks to prevent Maryland from forcing COVID vaccines on college students

At the core of this lies the question: ‘Do you actually respect the individual in the image of God or do you believe that the state is God?’


By Doug Mainwaring – April 29, 2021

FREDERICK, Maryland, April 29, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A conservative Maryland legislator is pushing back on his state attorney general’s effort to force college students to take the experimental COVID-19 injections as a prerequisite to attending school in the fall. The issue of “informed, written, voluntary, and full knowledge consent is something that we Americans hold dear,” and yet this is exactly what forces within the Maryland government risk discarding, Dan Cox explained to LifeSite’s Jim Hale.

Maryland Del. Dan Cox (R), a young attorney with nine children and a rising star in Annapolis, is ringing the alarm about the state government overstepping its bounds and unconstitutionally seizing control of the bodies of its young people against their will.

In an extraordinary 4-page letter sent to members of the Maryland House and Senate, as well as to the University of Maryland Board of Regents, Cox expressed his opposition to mandatory vaccination of students and employees in exchange for education and jobs.

Cox spelled out how the attorney general attempting to mandate vaccinations for students goes against U.S. case history and that “undisclosed or forced human science experiments” go against “the eternal and universal principles of human rights upheld in our Constitution and in nearly every declaration of human rights in civilization.

“If we start with forcing college students to take an experimental vaccine in order to obtain their college degree, it will not end,” Cox predicted in his conversation with LifeSiteNews, noting that the Biden Administration is already informing contractors that they should start forcing their employees to take the vaccine in order for their companies to be able to continue to do business with the government.

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