It’s Time to Draw Closer to God


One of the few things in life I am absolutely sure of is many a soul has searched out God and Jesus because of the covid-19 scare, the 2020 fraudulent presidential election and the destruction Biden and his kind have set loose on the nation.

Another thing I am absolutely sure of is I “know” absolutely nothing about the “true” way to God for anyone but me.

My Christian friends say there is only one way into heaven, that there aren’t many paths.  My personal journey and beliefs cannot reconcile that.  If there were only one way wouldn’t that be reflected in life? When is there ever only one way to anywhere?   

If ice cream were the road to God wouldn’t there need to be many flavors?  I’d need the butter brickle flavor to attract me and it did. 

I believe in a single destination but am not convinced there is only one way to get there.

Notice I am “asking” not proclaiming any “knowing” because I don’t.

Friends who I love dearly tell me my beliefs are “illegitimate.”  I find those comments hurtful, but I can’t get angry at them for being as faithful to their beliefs as I am to mine.

A Christian Pastor (and friend) whose teachings fuel my spirit, believes I will not be allowed in heaven because my beliefs aren’t rooted in Scripture.  Even though this is his belief, I am drawn to his daily teachings because along with fueling my soul, they enlighten me and offer another perspective on what I believe to be true.

God made me stubborn, but he did not make me arrogant.  I am always open to being wrong.  I am willing to change direction the moment the Pastor says something that moves me there.  Most of what he preaches rings true.  It meshes with what I believe is truth, most of the time.

While listening to one of his inspiring services about “shepherding”, three times the phrase “The LORD is my shepherd” popped up on my screen.  If you follow my writing, you know I believe in signs.  Was this a sign telling me the Pastor was leading me the right way or, was it saying the “LORD” is my shepherd? Can it be both?  These questions draw me closer to my search for God and the meaning to living.

When I was 15, I moved to California.  My friend Suzie and her husband were starting a Bible study in their home.  I attended and it was fun.  I was raised a Catholic for the first nine or ten years of my life.  When I was about ten my parents moved to an area of Harford County where there wasn’t a Catholic Church close by, so we attended a local Methodist Church.  I LOVED it.  I sang in the church choir and even walked to church when my parents weren’t going to attend.  I went bowling with the church members from time to time but that was short lived because of a dysfunctional home life.

When I was little I wanted to be a Nun.  That’s for another time since it has more to do with Elvis Presley than God.

That’s all to say I was no stranger to the Bible, God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

That night after the Bible study I had a vivid dream with a visitation from Jesus.  We lived in the desert of Southern California at the time, and there was a beautiful mountain that backed up to our neighborhood.

In my dream I’m looking at the mountain when a huge Jesus steps over and lifts me up in his hands.  From that vantage point we looked down on the mountain.  The top glowed and I knew it to be where I would find God.  Two paths lead to the mountain, one was well traveled, light and lovely.  The other was dark, over-grown and ominous.  Jesus didn’t say anything to me the entire time, not even when he set me down on the dark and scary path.  Another thing in life I’m absolutely sure of is I know Jesus put me on the path less traveled for a reason.

For 42 years I have spent each day discovering the reason – it’s been the journey itself.  

My faith in this path is pretty rock solid. Where the path traveled through up to now was scarier in the beginning, a few times horrifying but mostly, mostly enlightening and filled with joy. 

No doubt my Christian friends would say I could end my search if I embraced the Gospels as they teach them.   I don’t discount that might be where I wind up.  So far, my soul and connection to the Jesus I know, have not placed me there – yet.

There’s one thing in life I’m absolutely certain of – It’s time to draw closer to God.

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