Frederick County’s Elected and Candidate Hopefulls Fall Short in the Ability to Judge Character

Do you know who you are voting for?


Everyone likes to think they’re a good judge of character, the ability to know someone beyond what they share with you. Are they honest or dishonest, are they a criminal or one of the good guys? Everyone has a “tell”, things that give away their true character, some people can pick up on those tells and just “know” who people really are. 

There are some positions that require that ability, because without it, the job becomes much harder. Take for instance, police officers. Having the ability to judge people quickly is a skill that would come in handy. After a while on the job, most police officers refine that skill and hone it better than the average person. They depend on that ability to make life and death decisions in split seconds. 

Politicians also have the ability to judge the character of people. They meet different people all the time that want something from them. The ability to know if these people are trying to help or simply asking for something that benefits themselves in some way is most helpful. I think we can all agree that these are just two of many professions that being a good judge of character is almost a requirement.

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Remember Daniel Valentin-Morales? He has been in the local news a couple of times in the past. The first incident I am referring to is his arrest on Sunday, October 6th, 2019 in Baker Park.  He was charged with resisting arrest, two counts of disturbing the peace, failure to obey a lawful order, and assault of an officer in the 2nd degree. 

Now, you don’t need to be a great judge of character to know this young man has some self control issues. 99.9% of people would never place themselves in a position to be arrested, let alone ignore or assault a police officer, but he did. 

When someone does something of this nature, it’s safe to assume, they aren’t the best of the bunch and usually earn or deserve what they get. It also wouldn’t be a stretch to think this probably isn’t the first run-in this person has had with the law. 

After this arrest, someone started a GoFundMe page to help him pay for legal fees associated with the charges. I would assume people that donated to his legal fund felt he was a good man wrongfully accused and was not a criminal. 

I guess it is safe to say, persons making contributions to this fund, based the decision to donate, on judgments they made about his character.

Recently, the Mr. Valentin-Morales was arrested and charged with six counts of distribution of child pornography, and six counts of possession of child pornography.  Per WDMV Morales was actively employed with Frederick County Public Schools during the six month long investigation and subsequent arrest.

Two specific people that donated to his first legal fund, should, because of their chosen career path, be excellent judges of character. Karl Bickle, who aspires to be the next Frederick County Sheriff, donated $150 and Elizabeth Barrett, a current member of the Frederick County Board of Education (BOE) donated $50. 

Why would someone that wants to be a Sheriff donate to the legal defense fund of someone accused of assaulting a police officer? What does this say about Mr. Bickle’s ability to read a man’s character?  He donated to someone’s legal defense fund that was arrested for offenses against a police officer, and recently accused and subsequently arrested for dealing in pedophilia.  

It comes as no surprise that Elizabeth Barrett, did not know more about the person she marched with in protest of 287(G) on the day of his arrest for assaulting a police officer, and then donated to his legal defense fund, as she seems oblivious to the going’s on at FCPS, but represents as a member of the BOE.

This all leads me to question if these two excellent judges of character are going to continue to support Mr. Morales, or will they be just as public and condemn the vile actions he’s accused of or remain silent and hope no one asks about it? 

Their inability to correctly judge this man’s character makes me question their character. 

Daniel Valentin-Morales was sentenced to unsupervised probation stemming from the October 6 issue and no disposition has been reached in the possession and distribution of child pornography charges as of the writing of this article.


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