47 States Introduce Election Reform Laws But There’s No Fraud in the 2020 Election?


It’s become abundantly clear that people and entities with bad intentions have been in control of America for decades.  From elected representatives in government all the way down to the local level including bureaucrats and ideologs in our classrooms from pre-k up through the university level. 

Corporations are now attempting to hold counties and states hostage if they don’t uphold the corporate ideology.  Since when did we allow Major League Baseball or Woka-Cola to extort the communities where they do business?

Sports leagues, corporations and tech companies have become the modern-day plantation owners.  They get all the benefits from us, while they run roughshod.  They forgot who made them rich.

It’s time for them to feel the consequences of their over-reaching into our private lives. We need to remind them to just sell their products and stay OUT of politics. 

Major League Baseball is said to be moving not only the All-Star game out of Georgia, but is also moving the MLB draft. The moves are being made because Georgians dared to want to protect the sacred process of electing public servants.

Try getting your prepaid ticked from the “Will Call” window without an ID.  The hypocrisy is maddening. 

America can fight back by boycotting whatever it is these companies have gotten rich off.  We aren’t valued “consumers” we are unappreciated modern-day slaves.   

Legacy news follows the path of the ne’er-do-wells.  They ignore or down-play whatever doesn’t fit a political objective. 

In case you haven’t heard, on Good Friday, one of the holiest Christian holidays of the year, an Islamic terrorist used his car as a weapon and ran down two police officers in Washington D.C.  One of the officers died from his injuries.  The terrorist was shot and killed.

The reason this story has been kept quiet is because not only wasn’t this man a white Trump supporter, he was a black militant follower of Lewis Farrakhan. 

Bad actors and evil deeds get silenced while God loving Christians get turned into this country’s locally grown criminals.

The FBI is busy rounding up the January 6, 2021 Washington D.C. rally attendees, but still hasn’t fully investigated the pornography and pedophilia on Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Are they investigating the allegations made by Tony Bobulinski prior to the November election wherein he said the Biden family had business and financial ties to the Communist Chinese Party?

The good news is better days are on the horizon.  Despite what you read on the internet or hear on propaganda social media and television, “Good” is winning.  While CNN and MSNBC are still busy trying to convince you there was no fraud in the 2020 elections, Maricopa County, Arizona is finally moving ahead with a real audit of November 3 election.

Lawmakers in 47 states have introduced election reform law.  Georgia, Michigan, Texas, have already passed reform laws to protect the individual vote from being stolen by outsiders.

There are still currently over 100 court cases challenging the 2020 presidential election.  To date not ONE judge has gotten to see any evidence.  If – no, when they do and fraud is found, what then?  Under fraud law anything gained by the fraud cannot stand. 

Why are  Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Secretary of State, and the Arizona, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors trying so hard to keep the 2020 ballots out of the hands of independent auditors? 

The question should be obvious: If there were clearly “no election fraud” why are so many states introducing and passing laws to prevent it from happening again?

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