Frederick County Eyeing Making Virtual Learning Permanent?


I personally think you should pull your children out of public schools. Any parent that has sat in on the virtual learning I’m sure has learned by now, their kids aren’t learning much of anything. It’s not the teacher’s fault, it’s the teacher’s union race hustlers and social justice sheep that are in charge you should be holding accountable.

However now, a Maryland politician thinks we should provide virtual learning year-round for the students that like it. I’m sure some students are doing fine with online school.  How, I’m not sure, but I think it’s a good idea. Parents that allow their children to do this would have a front row seat to the circus and see just how little public schools teach. I personally have heard, while sitting with my son as he does online schooling the following:

  1. BLM is a good activist organization 
  2. All African Americans are treated poorly
  3. Protesting is ok as a child (but when my son asked if it was ok to protest abortion, the subject changed quickly)
  4. That TV screen time is unhealthy, my son asked if sitting in front of a computer all day was unhealthy too and was told, “that’s not what we’re talking about.”

Those are just a few of the things I over-heard from his teachers while doing online school. The only good thing is, I can address the teacher’s response immediately.  I can explain to my son, that not everyone is right all the time and sometimes people allow their feelings to override common sense and logical thinking.

Then I give him the most fact-based answer that an 11-year- old can understand or we research the subject together.

Just imagine what they hear while actually in school, that parents never find out about. I mean we had a teacher in Thomas Johnson using a Swastika as a prop, the school teaches your children about anal sex and well as having sexual deviants teaching in the schools.

Before Covid came along, Frederick County Public Schools had an increasing drug, bully and gang problem. Reading scores for 4th graders were sad, with 47% reading below level. Sadly, that didn’t stop FCPS from promoting over 90% into the 5th grade that year. The Sheriff has said that if not checked, the violence in our schools is going to become a big problem. That was ignored, of course. 

What has been the response from the Board of Education and FCPS? Discussions on removing School Resource Officers from the school buildings, a Racial Equality Committee that has presented no data as to why it’s needed as was promised. Where’s the data???? Why is FCPS ignoring complaints concerning inappropriate behavior between a teacher and his students? Sounds like the ship is rudderless and without a captain. But no one speaks up and these fools continue to indoctrinate your children. 

So yeah, being in virtual school, maybe that will begin opening the eyes of parents to the circus we call FCPS.

* * * * *

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