What To Do About The Republican Party

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By Fred Propheter, President the Frederick County Conservative Club

The Republican Party is our party, not the suits who turned-tail and ran from Donald Trump, not the pedophile, pocket lining scumbags of The Lincoln Project. The email lists, the donor lists, all belong to us. We are the party, not them!

To win back and reclaim our party we must first start locally. Get involved in your local municipal elections. Never miss an opportunity to register voters. Don’t just sit on a street corner hoping to catch the eye of some passerby. Get out to those municipalities and get in their faces, so to speak. Turnout for local elections are woefully pitiful. Just 10-12 extra votes could turn an election. Door knock for the candidate(s) of your choice and always carry voter registration forms with you.

Our Republican Central Committees are laced with Republican in Name Only’s (RiNO’s). If you are not a candidate for the Central Committee, make sure whomever is running is well vetted and not some McCain/Romney apologist eager to throw in the towel and ‘reach across the aisle’ willing to shaft us once again in the name of go along/get along.

Once the majority of RiNO’s are purged from the CentComms the ‘trickle-up’ if you will, will have a major impact on the state party and thus the Republican National Committee (RNC). For those that don’t know, the RNC is comprised of the state Party Chairperson, a National Committeeman and Committeewoman from all 50 states.

Some may say that this sounds simplistic yet impossible to achieve. To the contrary, we have a secret weapon that really isn’t all that secret; Donald John Trump.

On his last day in office President Trump promised that he was not going away. He has reiterated those words in the three weeks since. The former President proved with his “America First” agenda that his message crossed party, racial, social and economic boundaries cast by candidates in the past. Democrat’s myopic vision of compartmentalizing voters by demographic, sexual preference, abortion supporting, and climate scaremongering credentials has grown old. So too has the definitions of the parties grown old. In the last decade or so, it’s completely flipped.  Where Democrats were once touted as being for ‘the little guy’, the little guy has since been replaced by the big tech oligarchs and Wall Street traders.

They still have their ‘little guy’ pawns that they roll out to elicit empathy from their rank and file, but do not doubt me, if you are unable to line a Democrat politician’s pockets, you are no one. Unlike President Trump, whose appeal crossed all demographic boundaries, young, old, rich, working poor, male & female, gay, straight, immigrant and Patriot alike. Go out and find them. Or better yet, help them find you. Go boldly and exploit the hypocrisy of the left. It is no secret that Resident Biden is interested more in cozying up to dictators and those bent on our destruction, than the supposed 80,000,000 that got him elected.

Once we complete this two-four year cleansing, the draining of the GOP swamp, we will have rightfully reclaimed the party we built. Then, and only then can we replace that tired old elephant with the fierce Lion that has become associated with the greatest President, sorry Ronnie, in my lifetime, and ending the need for said third party.

And now for the cold dose of reality. Sitting back on your couch or Lay-Z-Boy yearning for days gone by is not going to achieve a damn thing. We at the Frederick County Conservative Club, though right leaning, are a well-formed activist/education-based organization. We are Constitution centered, with an unwavering belief in our God given Rights. We pull no punches when it comes to parties and will call out so-called Republicans as well as Democrats. If handwringing and dreaming of days of yore are your thing, we are not the organization for you. If you want to be the change needed to restore our natural God given Rights and leave our children and grandchildren the America, land of the free, home of the brave that we grew up in, then please, give us a look and join the fight!  

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