The Conservative Purge Begins

Capitulating Republicans Marked Safe

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So it begins, the purging of conservative voices.  Lovers of the Constitution and federalism have been trying to sound the alarm for years now.  You were warned Democrats had been replaced by totalitarian socialists. “Co-existence” is not their goal.

Do you personally have to be de-platformed before you believe?

The conservative ridicule and silencing have been going on for a while. However, on January 8, 2021 it became clear that moving forward, conservative voices are going to be branded as terrorists.

An ABC News piece literally called for a “cleansing” of Trump supporters.  (Ask your Jewish friends what that means.)

ABC’s Rick Klein tweeted out “The fact is that getting rid of Trump is the easy part. Cleansing the movement he commands, or getting rid of what he represents to so many Americans, is going to be something else.”

That “something else” appears to be a purge.

Michelle Obama called for social media companies to “permanently ban” President Donald J. Trump.  Logic dictates they would take it a step farther and ban the members of his “movement.”

Man With Special Needs Enters Capitol Peacefully – Thanks Fact Check

Democrats are trying to brand alternative ideas as dangerous.  So dangerous they need to be erased from social media and society.  Frederick citizens who attended the rally face the very real consequence of being fired.

Trump supporters had a real “mostly peaceful” protest on the 6th.  Democrat totalitarian’s and Republican sell-outs don’t want you to remember their acceptance of the Black Lives Matter, Antifa 2020 Summer of Destruction. 

They want you to forget Kamala Harris sent out a message to help pay the bail for actual rioters and that 13 members of her staff donated.  CNN, MSNBC, and other legacy media championed them.

MAGA (bottom) vs. BLM/ANTIFA (top)

On January 8 Twitter permanently banned President Donald Trump.  Later that day I, Sidney Powell, General Michael Flynn and others became casualties of the purge.

When Twitter suspended my account, I was given no explanation.  I don’t know why and I don’t know for how long. 

We cannot submit to Big Tech, Corporate Oligarchs and Corrupt Politicians.  An exodus from Facebook and Twitter must happen if you want to have an impact on how they are treating alternative, legal expression.

In Frederick County, we better wake up.  Democrats here are NOT our friends.  The Democrat Party and its members hate us. Can we now accept that and vote accordingly?

I’ve been a candidate, I know the “hate” is real.  It isn’t about having different beliefs; they genuinely believe we are the enemy. 

The Tentacle has supplied links to videos and social media posts made over the years go look through them.

Sometime in December of 2020 Deborah Carter, retired Frederick County Public School teacher, ex Frederick County Teachers Association Board member and current Chair of the Frederick Democrat State Central Committee, posted this:

Stop thinking these people want to “co-exist” with you.  They want you gone.  Until you accept this, Frederick County will continue to go Blue, if not socialist red.

While their Central Committee is active and engaged, the Frederick County Republican Central Committee is almost silent.  You mostly see and hear from them when elections come and they need your money or need to throw a fellow Republican under a bus.

The other Republican representation is in the once vibrant Republican Club of Frederick County that is currently rudderless and mostly dormant.  In the fall several of its Board members criticized the rapidly growing Frederick County Conservative Club, for participating in a protest of County Executive Jan Gardner. 

Delegate Dan Cox appears to be the only elected Republican in Frederick willing to give full-throated support of the President and his supporters. 

While Frederick County appears to be gearing up to elevate immigrant voices, it also appears to be gearing up to continue to silence conservative ones.

Who will have our back?

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How Do We Move Forward?

Step 1: – Get your children OUT of public education.  The Tentacle has published reason after reason why you should not let your children be indoctrinated by government run, UNION controlled schools.  All cultural and social problems lead back to the failure of public education.

Step 2:  “Vote your ethics in all matters – elections, school, county, local, state and federal – In order to Protect your way of life.” Jovan Hutton Pulitzer   

You must vote your way of life to preserve your way of life. 

I think following Mr. Pulitzer’s 5 Codes would serve us well.

Video of President Trump’s first inauguration:

January 2017 – President Donald Trump’s Inauguration

“They”, Democrats, Corporate and Political oligarchs do not want you to be free, they want you to submit.

An honest reporting from the Epoch Times of the January 6, 2021 rally, with video can be found here.

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