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You don’t like how the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from Donald J. Trump? You want to know what “you” can do to make a change? You start by engaging in what is happening on the local level. Right now the Democrat legislators in Annapolis want to make it easier to comit fraud during an election by making mail-in voting easier.

Read below then go to the Maryland General Assembly website, sign up and start tracking bills and contacting legislators. We are the voice of change.

The below information is supplied by the Maryland Federation of Republican Women.

Bills HB 153 and HB 274STRONGLY OPPOSE      

Hearing – Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 1:30 p.m. before the House Ways and Means Committee.  To submit written or oral testimony you   MUST SIGN UP on Friday, Jan. 22 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. [Although it may be too late to sign up to give testimony for these bills it is NOT too late to write and/or call your legislator and let your voice be heard. Sign up now so you can give testimony on upcoming bills.]

This is the Democrats proposal for holding future election with automatically mailed ballots.    Please oppose these bills by either sending written and/or oral testimony or encourage your members to send e-mails to the House Ways and Means Committee members opposing these bills.

Also, very important to oppose HB 57. that allows Absentee Ballots to be postmarked the day after election and still be counted.

REMINDER: To give written or oral testimony you must sign up on Friday, January 22 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. at the website:   http://mgaleg.maryland.gov.  Click on the “MyMGA” icon in upper right corner of the homepage.  You must establish an “MyMGA” account to be able to sign up.

HB 57 – Requires public hearings, a county government resolution, and Circuit Court declaratory judgement for reducing or moving election precincts in census tracts with minority or language minority voting age populations of 20% or more.  HB 57 would not require these actions to eliminate, relocate or combine a precinct in any other census tract or precinct.  

It also requires a foreign Principal or agent to disclose their identity when making online posts/Ads designed to influence an election or on policy issue or state official.


All voters’ rights and decisions on all polling place locations should be governed by the same rules.  Every voter’s access to polling places should be protected equally.  The provisions of HB 57 would be burdensome for local election boards, local governments, and the courts.  The provisions of HB 57 apply to census tracts with “voting age populations” not on registered voters.

The most dangerous provision of HB 57 is it would allow Absentee (or mail-in) ballots to be POSTMARKED THE DAY AFTER ELECTION DAY.  Election results posted on election night or following morning would allow a candidate/slate/party to know how many votes they need to change the result of the election and have time to get then postmarked and counted AFTER THE CLOSE OF THE POLLS.

HB 156 – Student & Military Voter Empowerment.  Sponsored by Del. Luedtke.   OPPOSE.

Establishes a Voter Coordinator & voting plan at every institution of hiring learning & military recruit station to encourage & support recognized student organizations engaged in voter registration & encourage students to vote.

This will be very expensive.  It is unnecessary.  Registering to vote is provided when students sign-up for classes.  Some college are very “leftist” in their point of view and discriminate and disallow Republican or Conservative or Pro-Life groups “recognition” status on their campuses.  This is an “Organize and Vote Democrat” proposal for colleges in the guise of increasing voter participation.  Taxpayers’ money will be used to organize and get out the vote for Democrats on campuses across Maryland.

HB-341 – Absentee Ballot Canvass to start 14 days prior to Election.  Provides that partial or complete tabulation of absentee ballots may not be released until one hour after polls close on election day or after all precincts have reported.  Counting votes over two weeks is much less secure than counting votes on election day.   It is more susceptible to manipulation or leakage of the total votes a candidate may have received while ballots are still being mailed.  It is very difficult for volunteer vote-poll watchers to be present for 14 days.  During the 2020 election poll watchers were excluded from the mail-in ballot counting.  This should not be repeated.

State Senators:


(If you aren’t from Frederick County you can find your representatives here.)

From Informed Choice MarylandRules for submitting written and oral testimony have changed this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, and can be viewed here.

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