Frederick County Public Schools Christmas Gift to Parents – No More Small Group Instruction and Winter Sports

The Dangers of Politically Focused Leadership


Happy New Year from Frederick County Public Schools, your in-school learning and winter sports have been cancelled!  That’s pretty much the message parents received in a Find Out First message 9:49 a.m., Sunday, January 3, 2021 – the morning before their children were about to go back to school. How many parents didn’t see this FOF in time to plan?

If you’ve seen the latest virus information on the Frederick County website you will see a graph with peach, blue and pink colored dots/lines.  Indeed, people have been needing to go to the hospital and sadly, people have died.  That’s what FCPS and the rest of our manipulative governing forces want you to focus on.

What they don’t want you to focus on is the pink line reflecting the need for ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds.  The need for those has decreased from needing 19 ICU beds in May of 2020 to needing 5 ICU beds in January of 2021. 

What our health officials SHOULD be explaining is how you should not be scared because this virus is doing what ALL viruses do – it is attenuating. It has weakened over time.  It could have weakened much sooner had people not been forced to distance themselves from others.  Viruses need to spread to weaken.  Humans have survived this predictable process for thousands of years.

There are more viruses than there are stars in the universe. They are in the air we used to breath, the soil we used to roll around on and the water we are for now, still allowed to drink. You do not stop a virus doing what it is programmed to do – replicate. We can’t hide from them when a serious one (or in this case, a not so serious one) comes along. You protect the vulnerable and go out and live. History isn’t going to be kind to the pushers of Covid Hysteria.

In April we were told by our government we needed 15 days to “flatten the curve” not to save lives, but to slow the need for emergency medical care (hospitals).  If you had been paying attention to the graph used, you will see the “experts” knew it would prolong the amount of time the virus would be in our communities.  So instead of ripping off the band-aid, and letting the virus run its course, they decided to manipulate you in to allowing the virus access to your loved ones for an extended period.

In that time your friend’s businesses have been closed, people have gone bankrupt, children and seniors are psychologically suffering from inhumane forced isolation.  Suicide is up, drug and spousal abuse is up and people have been forced into poverty.  Why? 

I can’t answer why because I’m a decent human being who wants to prevent suffering, not exacerbate and prolong it.

Regarding FCPS and their poor decisions over the course of this pandemic, well, there is a cure.  The cure is called the 2022 Board of Education election.

In 2022 four seats, the MAJORITY will be up for re-election.  Every one of them needs to be replaced with a Conservative willing to fight for public education and fully open our schools.  Each seat must be filled with someone who rejects critical race theory and social justice learning.  We need members who reject Union control and embrace Parent control.

In case you are unfamiliar with what critical race theory is, it teaches all whites are born racist and must actively atone for the sins of their whiteness.  This begins with public apologies and promises to atone for that whiteness.  If you think I’m being hyperbolic you didn’t hear FCPS music teacher and county councilman Jessica Fitzwater do that very thing during a public meeting.  The video is here.

FCPS has been decimated under the guidance of Superintendent Theresa Alban and the Board of Education under the leadership of President Brad Young. 

Michael Doerrer, past Director of Public Affairs for FCPS wrote a scathing letter to the Editor of the Frederick News Post in November 2020 trying to warn the public how unfit Theresa Alban is – seven years of falling test scores to falling graduation rates was just the opening.

Academics have been replaced with political activism and learning structured around identity politics.  FCPS spends more time and money focusing on skin color, sexual partners and American toxicity. 

Have you had enough of this?  Would you like to chart a new course where our schools focus on math, science, government, language arts, sports and arts programs for the joy and personal value of them, not their ability to infuse social justice?

You can restore this simply by swapping out the four social justice warrior Board of Education members for four who respect individual rights and an education of value to the student, NOT a political party, corporate oligarch or government.

In 2021 resolve to change the face of public education to one that is student focused not politically focused.

* * * * *

FCPS Diagram (If there are 100,000 “new cases” but no one is ill, should schools be closed?)

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