Snowmageddon Part II?

It is 2020


People love to hate Maryland weather.  60 degrees on Saturday, a big snowstorm, maybe blizzardish, on Wednesday December 16, 2020 through Thursday. Right now, it’s an 80% possibility. But it is Maryland and it’s 2020.

The setup- Storm #1 moved to the west and north of our region on Saturday. A second storm will move to our south and give us rain on Monday, with a little snow mixed in on the back edge, but nothing to get excited about. Just a cold dreary Maryland rain. This second storm sets the stage for storm #3. As storm #2 exits the coast, it brings in consistent colder air due to a blocking high over eastern Canada.  Think of a giant funnel, pushing cold air down the East coast. We need cold air to produce snow. We also need a strong low-pressure system to form a storm and lots of water (think hurricane).  The blocking high gives us the funnel of consistent cold air, the low-pressure system forms the Nor’easter which gives us plenty of water. Nor’easters are sometimes called ‘’white hurricanes’’ for a reason. They can produce snow in the feet and winds to almost hurricane strength along the coastline and a little lesser inland. Who can forget the 2010 February Snowmageddon storm?

Our last massive snowfall was the record setting January 2016 blizzard. Frederick County received between 29-40 inches of snow. It shut down everything for many days.  Yeah, sorry we reminded you.

Will this Wednesday and Thursday be as bad? Doubt it. But it could be close. As of right now, it looks to be at the bottom end of the January 2016 blizzard. Estimates are 1 to 2 feet. But it’s still early. These forecasted storms tend to do 2 things- totally bust or blow up bigger.

 At least everyone should have plenty of TP from the virus panic buying. Just don’t forget the milk, the cows need love too.

* * * * *

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