There’s Something Happening Here


So, I was thinking about a comment a leftist friend of a family member posted elsewhere. It caused me to reply with this off-the-cuff essay, and I title it “There’s Something Happening Here.”


(Name withheld), just a hunch, but I’m thinking you are not open to discussing facts and listening quietly. You sound busy repeating the party lines.

Let me ask you, are you a socialist? Do you know what, historically, life is like when you rely on the government for every need? Do you know that is what the socialists want? Power over you and me and everybody. Why? What do they gain by ruling over the ashes of a fallen society? I haven’t a clue.

But history has proven that’s what has happened and has never succeeded in producing happiness and full bellies.

Do you really want your hard earnings shared with those who refuse to work? Do you want to see shortages of food and supplies because they are rationed because the incentive to work has been taken away and now production of your needed life sustaining supplies are in short production?

Folks in this country, most folks, have no idea what it would be like because this great America experiment has allowed it’s born citizens to live free.

It’s easy to be a socialist in a free country. Try being free in a socialist country!

There are facts you have not heard and I do expect you will admonish me for my comments here. Your concerns are valid. You would benefit to have an open discussion and listen (as we all need to listen) to what is going on without party slants.

I wish we could sit down and chat, but I’m far away. And no, you don’t have all the information in front of you, historically or presently. You would be surprised to hear the rest of the story.

Not admonishing you, just would love to broaden your horizon with independent thinking. Without yelling. Where both in the conversation really listen and consider that, yes, “there’s something happening here…and what it is ain’t exactly clear”–Wise lyrics stolen.

* * * * *

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