The Winning Is In The Losing

From Candidate to Podcaster

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There are several kinds of people who want to be a part of the political arena:  Those who were faced with a problem and think being a councilman, delegate, board of education member or similar can fix it and those who want the power a political office holds so they look for an issue, glom on to it and ride it into political office.

Often those from the latter make it and those from the former don’t.  Why?  My personal observation is – principals.  Those who faced a personal obstacle were often led into politics because they are dedicated to justice.  This is a strength, but it is also a political weakness. 

Principled people won’t do “whatever it takes” to win a political office.  Honest people will give up a bit of their integrity for power.  Sound harsh?  Might be but if you ever run for office, you’ll get to see what happens behind the scenes.  It’s not glamorous. If voters saw what their candidate was like in private, odds are they’d vote for someone else. 

I’m happy when voters reject the “win at any cost” candidate and sad when a person of good character is rejected.  Then time passes and you see there might have been a bigger “plan” all along.

Dan Bongino is one of those.  I’m happy he lost.  He is now an uber-successful podcast host bringing us news and information sorely lacking from legacy and mainstream media agencies.  He’s making a measurable difference. If you haven’t heard Bongino’s podcast or seen it on Rumble and YouTube I recommend you check it out.  I prefer the video version of his show because I love his gesticulations.  He’s a very animated, powerful, and kind person.  He has been blessed.  His winning was in his losing.

Another such person I hope will be just as blessed and win through a loss, is Kevin Caldwell.  Kevin first hit the Frederick political scene when he ran as the Libertarian candidate for Maryland’s 6th Congressional district in 2018.  He ran again in 2020 as a Republican candidate. 

I met Kevin in 2018 when I was running for political office.  I found him immediately likeable and genuine.    

He was blessed by not winning his primary race.  Kevin has moved on from politics but is still looking for a way to be of service to his community and country.

He may have found the perfect way to be of service.  With experience in entertainment, communications, and music he decided to launch an internet radio station on December 14, 2020 – American Independence (Internet) Radio WKAIR 1776. His station is 100% veteran owned and operated. 

Starting today the “Vault 76 Podcast” will launch. Thereafter it will air every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:00-6:00 p.m.  with your host “KC.”

The Tentacle sat down with Kevin to find out why a podcast and why now.

With the level of trust in legacy news agencies being at an all-time low, podcasts having been growing in popularity.  Kevin thought the time was ripe for a calmer voice amid the chaos.  “I’m not looking to add another angry voice.” he said.  He wants to inform his listeners through an entertaining and thought-provoking line-up.  He hopes through giving a voice to the unknowns and unheards in our community he too might also be heard.

If his show is as entertaining, informative, and free flowing as our two-and-a-half-hour conversation, listeners are in for a great time.  We talked about running a political campaign locally, the presidential election, the current vitriolic state of public discourse, the great divide in political parties, super nova’s, military service, Djibouti (Africa), philosophy, religion, humans being made from “star stuff” and much more. 

Local interests and personalities are also on his “to have” list. 

Vault 76 is just the beginning as WKAIR 177.6 hopes to bring you a line up of entertainment, news and other programs of interest. 

I asked why “1776?”  He said “1776 because of the spirit of that time.  The human spirit longing to be free and willing to sacrifice everything they had including their lives for it. I thought we may just need some healthy doses of that spirit today.”  He said he didn’t want his show to be more “rhetoric.”  He shared we needed more men who walked the path like Martin Luther King and Gandhi. 

Kevin’s show won’t be all politics, he also wants to talk science, life, and music.   Having a band of his own, he’s also interested in using his show and website to introduce new and struggling musicians to the public.  

The sign on his virtual door says: “Not Right, Center, Left – Just Pure 100% American – Now That’s Fair & Balanced.”

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