Are We Ready To Call A Truce?

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After all the phone calls, marches and letters Dear Leader Hogan has decided to not remove any of the current restrictions. Is anyone really shocked by this? I mean, when in recent history has any politician ever really listened to the public?  Why would they, if they don’t what’s the worst they have to deal with, some angry letters or phone calls?

Look at our county Government, they listened to HOURS of calls from business owners and homeowners. Some of those calls were extremely emotional.  After all the calls BEGGING them not to increase the restrictions already in place, they ignored all the pleas and went ahead and increased them.

After that, only a handful of people took to the streets and voiced their frustrations. Those who did were attacked by fellow Republicans as I reported in my last column.  They were attacked because they stood up and let their anger be known, in a peaceful manner.

If we are fighting among ourselves, the government can continue to steamroll over us. The main issues facing us right now are all the egos vying for leadership of a potential movement.  That must stop!

Let’s face facts, being polite and playing the middle ISN’T going to work.  What more proof do you need before it’s accepted as fact. No one is calling for burning and looting, I never will, but I am calling for more assertive steps to help our local business owners and anyone else finding themselves in dire straits.

If 10 people are doing 10 different things its ineffective, but if 10 people are working together, coordinating their efforts, then you have a force that can move mountains. That’s where the problem starts, we have too many captains and not enough sailors on this ship. This is not the time for egos and attention addicts.

We need to get all the groups fighting for the same thing to the same table.  We need to figure out a game plan and get to it. I passionately believe now is the time for a “Wartime” leader.  Someone that can get things done without concerning themselves with trying to make everyone happy. You can’t play nice when you’re fighting for people that are on the verge of losing everything. Polite people very rarely make history but do make people feel happy.

I’m not saying we need to have someone taking the lead that isn’t open to discussion or can’t be bothered to listen to other ideas. We need someone that will not compromise or put his or her popularity in front of helping the people that are frustrated and scared. No one thing is going to work.

We also need to ignore, but remember, the people that are attacking and insulting people protesting in a manner THEY don’t like. I’m going to say something that might upset some people and it is what it is, the people attacking ANYONE for protesting in a way YOU don’t like, keep it to yourself, you aren’t doing anything but feeding your own ego.

When you’re facing losing everything you’ve worked for, tell me how nice you’d be to the people taking it from you and your family. Its super easy to sit on the sideline and snipe people that are doing the best they can in an unfair situation. So, if you’re not willing to stand next to these people, go away, you’re not needed and are part of the problem. (Let the hate email begin.)

I think Ella Wheeler Wilcox said it best when she said, “to sin by silence, when they should protest, makes cowards of men.” So, stop being passive if you have something to say, YELL IT! Don’t listen to anyone saying, ‘you’re wrong!’, it’s YOUR right to have your grievances addressed by your elected officials. I do not blame anyone for protesting loudly to protect their livelihood. But I will be the first to call anyone out that breaks the law while protesting, all that does is take away from the message and hurts everyone.

To the different groups working toward the same goal, reach out to each other and coordinate!! Stop attacking each other, that’s a waste of energy and accomplishes nothing.

“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence” – Leonardo da Vinci

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