The Evidence For Voter Fraud

Interview with Source on Eelection Fraud

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You may have seen the above image floating around the internet. The Tentacle has discovered that image comes from a November 5, 2020 interview with Russell Ramsland by L. Todd Wood host of CD Media Information Operation.

Russell Ramsland is a founding member of Allied Security Operations, a Harvard graduate and a business entrepreneur who lives in Texas. His company specializes in “cyber operations”. 

If you don’t have an hour to invest in the below interview, you can skip the ground work and go to about the 32 minute mark.  What you will hear should appall you even if it doesn’t shock you. 

After hearing you should come to understand not only why Donald Trump has been reelected to another term, but this interview helps you to understand why Trump was elected in 2016.

This country has two systems, one for us and one for the ruling elites in power.

I won’t be happy if Joe Biden is the legitimate winner of the 2020 election, but I will accept it.

Until the votes are counted, the legal teams have presented their case and the dust settles Donald J. Trump is still president and no one can yet claim victory.

CNN, MSNBC, ABC and even Fox News should never have projected Biden the winner if they know the facts about to be presented.

Recall this controversy started when states just stopped counting votes around midnight on election night.  When they resumed counting, Biden had magically bridged the gaps.

“5 Key Battleground States with Democrat Governors, all suddenly quit counting at the same time in the dead of night and then suddenly resumed 3 hours later.”

“Trump was comfortably ahead in all 5 of them when they stopped.  When counting resumed 3 hours later, enough new ballots in all 5 State had been suddenly “found” for Biden to catch up.  Even more incredible, virtually every single “found” ballot in every State was for Biden.  Unsurprisingly, in Michigan it’s now known that the vote [sic] were a bogus file upload of votes.

Mr. Ramsland doesn’t just talk about it, he brings the receipts.

Members of the Trump legal team are aware of this interview. Share this article so media, friends and neighbors can be armed with facts, not media propaganda. It’s past time journalist stepped up and did their jobs instead of running interference.

Also for you is this November 4, 2020 World View Weekend interview: “Guests: Lt. General Thomas McInerney, (3-Stars) U.S. Air Force (Retired), Author and Researcher Mary Fanning. Former National Security Council Staffer for President Donald Trump Rich Higgins join us to give us his thoughts on what it would mean for America if Joe Biden becomes President due to his a national security threat due to being compromised by the Communist Chinese and government of Russia. You will hear General McInerney tell our audience that Brannon is revealing facts that no other national talk show host on terrestrial radio is covering because they likely are not aware of this breaking news.”

In this interview they discuss “the Hammer” and “Scorecard” you may have seen posted about on social media. “In February 2009, the Obama administration commandeered a powerful supercomputer system known as THE HAMMER. THE HAMMER includes an exploit application known as SCORECARD that is capable of hacking into elections and stealing the vote, according to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who designed and built THE HAMMER.” You decide if it’s plausible.

Bonus video. Freudian Slip?

Freudian Slip?

We all deserve fair elections where every legal vote counts.    This is OUR country.  It doesn’t belong to the rich, powerful and corrupt.  We should all agree on that.

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