Mass Voter Fraud is Looking More and More Real

Donald J. Trump Will Be Our President for Four More Years


The world is about to find out who Sidney Powell is.  Some may know her as the attorney defending General Michael Flynn.  We’re all about to know her as the powerhouse moving full steam ahead blowing the lid off massive voter fraud that appears to have taken place on November 3.

Powell is the American version of Margaret Thatcher.  She’s respected, loyal, patriotic, relentless, and fearless. 

Over the past few days, we have learned that Canadian company Dominion Voting Systems Corporation owns most of the vote tabulating machines that were used throughout the United States on election day.  According to reports, in 2009 Dominion entered into a contract with Smartmatic who according to their website is “the global leader in secure … transparent election technology and support services.”

Why should America care about Dominion, Smartmatic or Sidney Powell?  Here’s why. 

According to Ms. Powell who appeared on Lou Dobbs this past Saturday, Dominion was “created to produce altered voting results” for Hugo Chavez and was later shipped internationally.  She goes on to say what happened here was funded by Venezuela, Cuba and there are ties to China.  She reports they have “evidence” of foreign interference in an election. 

Why aren’t Democrats interested?  Where is Jake Tapper and Rachel Maddow?  Hell, where is Bret Baier?

To complicate matters and paint a more local and nefarious picture, when Powell appeared on Fox Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo.  Bartiromo reported the Dominion machines are used in 2,000 jurisdictions in 30 states.

Bartiromo further reported the state of Texas was concerned with the lack of security in the Dominion systems and passed on using them three times.

The public has been made aware of two software “glitches” that occurred during election night in Michigan and Georgia where votes flipped from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

During her interview Ms. Powell said there is enough evidence of fraud to launch a criminal investigation.  She said a member of Joe Biden’s presidential transition team, retired Admiral Peter Neffenger, is President of Smartmatic as well as being on its Board of Directors.  He is part of Biden’s Homeland Security team. 

Powell is confident their lawsuits will overturn election results in multiple states.  She further explains the election system being used shifted millions of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, because that is what the software is designed to do.

According to Ms. Powell they have sworn witness testimony the software was designed to rig elections.  The witness states he saw it happen and used in foreign countries for this purpose, for profit.

Powell said in her interview they have so much evidence they feel like it’s “coming in through a fire hose.”

Sidney Powell is as serious and as respected an attorney as can be found.  She’s no Michael Avenatti or Michael Cohen.   She won’t say anything she cannot prove, so when she says they have evidence of “kickbacks” in high offices (Governors, Secretary’s of State) in relation to purchasing and using Dominion and Smartmatic, don’t laugh it off. 

Powell expressed more than anger over the CIA and FBI ignoring complaints of people as believable as Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar.  In 2019 both filed official complaints about Dominion for vote switching.

Ms. Powell claims the people who bought the Dominion system “knew exactly what they were getting.” She said you can “stick a thumb drive in the machine, or upload software to it even from the internet; they can do it from Germany, or Venezuela even. They can remote access anything, they can watch votes in real time, they can shift votes in real time.  We’ve identified mathematically the exact algorithm they used and planned to use from the beginning to modify the votes in this case to make sure Biden won…”  Her interview went so far as to infer Joe Biden may have been complicit. 

 Sidney Powell is angry, but more than that, she appears to be confident they can prove all of this in a court of law.

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SOURCEFox New Sunday Morning Futures
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