Lois Jarman Unseated From the Board of Education


National election aside, Frederick County voters have a reason to rejoice this morning.  Lois Jarman (D) has been retired from the Board of Education by a resounding loss.  Ms. Jarman was appointed to her seat after dropping out of her race for the Board of Education in 2016 and losing her state delegate race in 2018. 

Both of County Executive Jan Gardner’s (D) appointments to the Board of Education were defeated.  Ms. Jarman was appointed in January of 2018 and Rae Gallagher (D) who was also defeated last night was appointed in January of 2020.

Ms. Jarman brought a certain level of arrogance to the Board of Education when she refused to apologize in 2016 to her Board of Education opponents when she called them herpes.   She is currently awaiting a hearing stemming from a November 2019 automobile accident she caused while on her cell phone.  At the time she was working on a school wide cell phone policy that would ban student cell phone use.

The political fates of these two ladies may have been sealed by the pandemic when they voted to keep Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) in the virtual mode.  This angered many parents.  Any incumbent voting to keep children out of school were going to have a challenge.  Parents are hoping new faces will get their children back inside the buildings for face-to-face learning.

This hope was echoed in the late entry into the Board of Education race by Paulette Anders (R).  The math was always going to be her largest hurdle.

Sue Johnson (D), Jason Johnson (D) and David Bass (D) are the newly elected members of the Board of Education.   As it stands, every member of the BoE is a Democrat.  Conservative voices still have no voice on the dais. 

In December there will be a vote for who will be the President of the Board of Education.  The President sets the agenda and is the spokesperson and face of the Board.  Brad Young (D) has decided he isn’t going to run for the presidency again and will be nominating and supporting Jay Mason (D).

Traditionally, the candidate with the highest vote total in the election would be elected to the presidency.  They earned that position with the vote of confidence from the public.  Sue Johnson earned over 52,000 votes, should she want the position, it rightfully belongs to her.

As Jay Mason is on record calling this writer a racist, he isn’t fit to hold the position.  He is also disqualified by his belief that FCPS is systemically racist and for his support for critical race theory and the belief that all whites are born racist.  The face of FCPS should not be that of a person who believes all whites are born racists or that America’s infrastructure purposefuly harms people of color.

Frederick voters are on the right track, they removed two of the voices standing in the way of student achievement.  Whether their replacements will do what the voters want, remains to be seen.  Sue Johnson, Jason Johnson, and David Bass would do well to “listen” to the parents they represent.  This election is a cautionary tale of what happens when you get elected and implement your personal agenda over the voter’s desires.

To touch briefly on the Presidential election, I was appalled by the news coverage.  States were called for Biden (D) immediately while we are still waiting for states to be called for President Trump (R).  The polls were closed for two minutes when Virginia was called for Biden.  Trump had a commanding 600,000 count lead in Pennsylvania when the vote count was suspended for the evening. 

Make no mistake if Trump wins it’s the biggest political upset of our lifetimes.   Never have I witnessed major news organizations campaigning on behalf of and running interference for a candidate.  We witnessed it to a smaller degree in 2016.  That pales in comparison to what they did to unseat Trump in 2020.

The fact Joe Biden appears to be raking in millions of dollars through his son Hunter Biden selling access to foreign governments is jaw dropping news that was suppressed.  That this suppression might have helped him become president is horrifying.

As of this moment we sit with Trump 213 electoral votes and Biden 238.  If President Trump takes Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and Georgia he reaches 280 and four more years.  As of this moment all those states are leaning Trump. 

Election results can be found here.

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