Frederick’s Last Road Rally Before Election Day

Image Courtesy Cindy Rose

The Frederick County Conservative Club has participated in two Trump road rallies.  I think both must be considered a success.  Although this last one, due to the nature of its length hit a few snags along the way, it was by most measures a success.

The first snag was caused by Mother Nature who felt the day needed to start with a cold biting drizzle that at times turned into a steady down fall.  By 10:00 a.m., an hour and a half before the scheduled roll out, at least 30 cars were already there lining up.

The excitement was palpable as people walked around the wet park and ride at Monocacy Boulevard and Route 15, seemingly unconcerned about the weather.

The second snag was with the Trump Bus that was scheduled to be on site at 10:00 a.m. but didn’t arrive until after 11:00 a.m.  That didn’t deter anxious Trump supporters from scooping up Trump gear before we hit the road.  Weather and a bit of miscommunication wasn’t going to put a damper on these road rally attendees.

By 11:47 a.m. we were on the road headed to our first town of Thurmont.  The mission of the road rally was to support the America First agenda of President Donald J. Trump by driving through all our communities rallying support.  Boy did it!  Small town voters are forgotten no more.

I don’t know if it was the honking horns or word of mouth but in each town along the way and at homes, businesses, and roads along the way there were people honking horns and waving Trump signs.  Support outnumbered opposition 100-1.

Braddock Heights was the only section of the trip where you could find a crop of Biden/Harris signs.  Everywhere else, Trump/Pence reigned supreme.

I’ve participated in my fair share of elections as a support person and I’ve never seen or felt anything like this.  People were hanging off their porches, coming to the ends of their driveways, American Flags and Trump flags waving, fists pumping, cheering the Trump road rally on. 

The only other snags I’m aware of along the way were a few times when our group became separated due to traffic patterns.  Motorcycle escorts had been scheduled along the route, however due to the weather, those had to be cancelled over safety concerns.

If we know anything about Trump supporters, its they are a resilient bunch who do not head for the basement when plans start to break down.  They’d regroup, revise, and move forward each and every time when met with an obstacle. 

The other thing we know about Trump supporters is, they never let anything dampen their spirits and get them down.  These are a joyful bunch of people.

The day s started with 163 vehicles, but we picked up drivers along the way.  Reports are between 170 and 186 vehicles occupying 6 miles of road space traveled 100 miles from start to finish.  The day ended with a beautiful sunset.  Darkness fell by the time the rally came to an end at Middletown Park.

Tomorrow is election day.  We are all anxious, both sides.  Whatever the outcome we will still be neighbors, and hopefully friends when we wake up Wednesday morning. 

May God bless us with a clear winner so we can begin to move forward as unified Americans.

Editor’s Update: FCCC President Fred Propheter said of the event: “I planned the route with one purpose in mind; to find the people who the Republican machine in Frederick neglect. The unrepresented, underrepresented and the disenfranchised. The people who only are seen when politicians and their troops come to town for a parade to ask for your vote every 4 years. I truly believe we were successful in our mission..”

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SOURCEFrederick County Conservative Club
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