Frederick Board of Health Burns the Constitution


What happened at last night’s Board of Health hearing was a consequence of people not being engaged in the politics of their communities.   It’s often boring, we get it.  It’s also the only thing that keeps dictators out of public office and leaves you with the ability to make your own decisions.

If you didn’t watch last night, shame on you.  What happened last night was a slap in the face of a “free society.”  It was an abrogation of duty government actually has toward hard-working local business owners who just want to survive.  Government is supposed to protect rights that make doing business and living easier, not rip them to shreds. The arrogance and holier-than-thou attitudes coming from that meeting were jaw dropping. 

It all happened because too many people aren’t engaged in politics.  They don’t know enough about the Constitution, the valid role of government or the people they elect to public office. 

What I saw last night were no less than six very power-driven, arrogant humans with God complexes.  They were having real debates about fathers being “allowed” to dance with their daughters at their weddings; singing in church and discussing making our healthy children more comfortable wearing masks so they can play outside.  Celebrations and social gatherings of any kind were disavowed. The word “allow” was said too often.

Big box stores that rake in tax revenue can continue forward but you, Baby Bucks Taxpayer, you’re screwed.  

Fitzwater’s solution to destroying small businesses was to tell them to apply for loans and grants, to become dependent on government assistance.  She doesn’t care if your family establishment is ruined and its employees jobless around the holidays.  STOP thinking, she cares about people.  She cares about an agenda.  Remember she confessed to being a racist who has white privilege and every white person in a position of power abuses it.  Do you think her decision was based on wanting to knock down some of that “white privilege” here in Frederick? 

I didn’t hear one decision last night based in science.  Their conclusions were made from positions of emotional hysteria sitting atop a foundation of the Democrat belief that government ALWAYS knows what’s best for YOU.

In the end, hours and hours of endless testimony was disregarded as irrelevant and the people testifying were an annoying formality.  You heard it in their comments, you saw it on their faces.  They were irritated by having to let the public in on the process.

The County Council and County Executive seem to be ignorant of the fact their only function is to see that “government” functions properly so people can live their lives to the best of THEIR abilities.  They are NOT tasked with power to legislate “behaviors” they disagree with.  They believe, as most socialists do, that the “individual” is submissive to the “collective.” That’s antithetical to the very reason this country was founded.

Dr. Brookmeyer’s personal fears appear to be why she wants to implement tighter restrictions on our free movement.  She shared a story about her being out hiking in the woods and having to hold her breath when several “unmasked” hikers walked by her.  That’s not only ignorance on how the virus spreads, but a level of fear in a regulatory writer that should be unacceptable.  Dr. Brookmeyer wasn’t elected by anyone in this county.  Does she live in Frederick?  If she doesn’t why does she have a say in creating regulations that restricts our movement?

Everyone needs to watch last night’s video.  You will see decisions were arrived at based off fear and emotions.    

The meeting started at 6:30 p.m. and didn’t end until after midnight.  Dozens of callers gave public comment, all save one, against the actions the Board were proposing.  Almost all the callers recounted their personal struggles and how they would be put out of business if the Board did what they were about to do.

Kai Hagen and Jessica Fitzwater were overly concerned about too many holiday and religious gatherings and not concerned enough about people having the ability to decide for themselves where they spent their time.  We’re just too stupid.

Kai Hagen was anxious to have powers to disband large gatherings even if that meant going on to your personal property and telling people to leave.

Tom Kleinhanzl, CEO of Frederick Memorial Hospital said there are only 20 current COVID patients taking up beds in the hospital.  He inferred those patients were elderly with comorbidities.  He said what he’s seeing now is nothing like what we saw in the spring.  He said they have plenty of space and plenty of personal protective equipment. They’ve been stockpiling in case there was a second wave.

No one last night defined what the current “emergency” is.  Their vote to increase restrictions and remove more of our rights was based on an unfounded fear about what “might” happen.  If we are going to allow laws and regulations to be written and enforced on what “might” happen, then their powers are infinite, and you belong to the State.

Only the Republican Councilman Phil Dacey, Steve McKay and Mike Blue expressed their concerns over upholding Constitutional freedoms.   Jerry Donald was adamant about restricting those during an emergency citing, erroneous “time and place” restrictions. 

Your rights were stripped by Democrats last night, don’t ever forget that.

Attorney General Bill Barr said, “Our federal Constitutional rights don’t go away in an emergency.”  If our rights are suspendable, they aren’t rights they are temporary permissions. 

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