Republican Club of Frederick County Endorses Write-In Candidate Paulette Anders for Board of Education


After putting out their initial endorsements on October 21, the Republican Club of Frederick County has recently added to their list of endorsements Paulette Anders for the Board of Education.  Ms. Anders is the write-in candidate The Tentacle wrote about on October 19, 2020.

Paulette Anders calls into WFMD’s Morning Express with Bob Miller. 

The Tentacle reached out to the Republican Club for comment.  Dylan Diggs responded on their behalf.

“So initially the Board has decided to not endorse any of the candidates on the ballot.  It felt that none sufficiently met what the Club was looking to support.

Specifically, one of the barriers is given our nature as a Republican Party Club, the Board felt it was prudent to support a Republican for the position to bring a new perspective to the School Board.

Once Paulette announced her write-in candidacy, as registered Republican, the Board was intrigued.  Moreover, as a parent who has been engaged, she brings an important angle that could prove helpful to the School Board.

It’s clear that she’s new at this.  We were initially concerned by her opinions regarding the 1619 Project, which the Club Board, opposes in our schools.  She says that this was a misunderstanding in the interview, and we appreciate that.  She also has a lot of work to do to flesh out some of her position and what she wants to bring to the School Board.  That should be closely monitored over the next campaign and, should she mount a successful one, her term.

That said, in a year where finding a viable candidate for the Board was a challenge, we commend Mrs. Anders for putting her name out there.  We encourage others to do so in the future.

Her campaign was driven primarily in relation to an immediate issue: getting kids back to school.  This is important to so many of our members at a time when parents, families and communities are strained.  The Board thinks that Mrs. Anders will brin an important perspective to that conversation on the School Board.  Additionally, we hope her perspective will be an important contribution in the years to come.”

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