Overheard In The Elevator

Education for Me, but not for Thee


Overheard in the elevator that parents of Frederick County Public School students are angry, frustrated and disappointed in Board of Education President, Brad Young.

It seems Mr. Young took to Twitter on August 29 and posted “… today starts a new chapter for me. First Doctoral class at Hood College.” Is Mr. Young this out of touch or indifferent to the suffering of the students attending HIS schools? Is he unaware that it might be insensitive of him to post how he’s tickled he’s in class while FCPS students are being kept from their classrooms by him and his Board?

Parents were irritated by his post because while he’s siting in a college classroom getting a first class education their children are sitting at home struggling through the failure of virtual/distance learning. He is on a campus, they are locked in their homes being denied access to their education, extra-curriculars, sports and socializing with friends.

Talk about rubbing salt in a wound.

One wonders if Mr. Young isn’t working for his degree in order to become Frederick County Public Schools next Superintendent?

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