Results – Summary of FCPS Reopening Survey Data

July 14-23, 2020


With the growing concern over getting our children back in school as quickly as possible I have been seeing more parents asking what the results to the Reopening Parent Survey were.  The Tentacle provides you with two images from the five-page survey results as shared during the July 29, 2020 Board of Education Meeting.

Board of Education Meetings can be located here.

Here is a link to the full Summary of FCPS Reopening Survey Data, July 15-23, 2020.

Without knowing the exact number of FCPS employees (FCPS never gives an “exact” amount) I guesstimate the staff response rate at around 77.48%

FCPS had 44,367 students last year.  If 1.5 of them have 2 parents or guardians, roughly 66,550 were available to respond.  The response rate for parents/guardians was 21.17%.

Regarding school staff responses, remember this survey was taken before FCPS decided to lay off hundreds of employees.  Their responses might be different had they known their fate.

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