Nothing Says Unity Like Division

(And Constant Virtue Signaling)

Image Courtesy Cindy Rose

The new Othello Park opened in Petersville Friday.  I was excited to drive in and see what had been happening behind the dirt mounds that grew and moved over the years as if giant moles had taken up residence.  Like a child waiting for Christmas, it felt like forever for this day to arrive. 

My joy and excitement were immediately dampened when I was assaulted by this sign.

Taxpayers have to fund virtue signaling? Why must literally everything be about identity?   

The top of this sign is not only unnecessary, it’s legitimately insulting. It assumes there is a “need” to state the obvious.  Not liberal, woke insulting but the real kind.  This sign through its first declaration is announcing in Fitzwater like fashion, we are all bigots in need of constant reminding not to act on our inherent biases. 

Not only must we be actively “anti-racist” we must now also be actively “anti-exclusive”.

How ever did we manage to form this great nation prior to the birth of the Democrat Party with their daily reminders of how horrible we all are? 

I’m not just tired, I’m drag my ass to the bed, kick my shoes off and don’t bother to get undressed tired.  I’m 2 weeks past my due date tired.  I’m tired of Democrats projecting their personal “isms” and “ists” on to the rest of us who don’t give a flying f#ck about your skin color, heritage, or sexual preference.  Do Democrats feel better if they believe the rest of us are as obsessed with the superficial?

Instead of including the rest of us in on your constant reminding of how “awful” we all are, how about you take your voter registration rolls and do direct mailings to your party?  I assure you; the non-Democrats aren’t in need of regular recapping of what you believe our failings are.

Look around folks, take a tally.  Who’s doing the destroying, fearmongering and spreading of hate?  Who’s burning down cities and towns?  Who’s holding rallies that end in the destruction of personal property?  Who’s creating Facebook pages to humiliate their neighbors?  Who keeps telling us how awful America is?  Hint – their party symbol is a jackass.

Crossing the stream.

It’s funny because as I walked my son around the park for his inaugural visit, we passed two Spanish speaking young ladies.  Nothing in me assumed they might not be “welcome” here. We smiled politely as we passed each other.  Yes, smiled, and connected as we shared a brief moment of pleasantries. A moment that would have been absent had any of us been wearing a dehumanizing face covering.

Although I wasn’t curious about their right to be there, I was curious about the frozen beverage each carried and did wonder where I might find one after our 40-minute walk around the park.

Despite the unwelcoming, welcome sign, Othello Park is lovely.  It has an air-conditioned bathroom with at least one nice wide handicapped stall.  The playground looked fabulously joyful.  I immediately texted my daughter and told her it would be a fun and safe place for her three children (all under age 4).  It was completely fenced in so if you have a runner, put your mind at ease and head on over.

On your way in ignore the waste of taxpayer money spent for the first bar on the sign.  Hopefully, the next County Executive will recognize Frederick as one community and remove the offending and divisive line.  Or maybe we’ll be unlucky enough to get another identity focused Executive and they’ll add their own ridiculous line like “please don’t stab anyone while you are here.” 

Nothing says “unity”, like division.

* * * * *

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