A Seasonal Herb Tip


Today I have a seasonal tip!

Are you growing Chives in your herb garden?  Here’s a great way I use fresh chives: 

  • Chop or snip a bunch of Fresh Chives into ¼-inch pieces.
  • Measure out 3 loose (not packed) Tablespoons of those Fresh Chives pieces.
  • (Any remaining Fresh Chives can be dried and containerized for future use or tossed on the lawn if there’s a negligible amount left over.)
  • Spoon-mix the Chives into a 24-ounce container of Whole Milk Cottage Cheese. 
  • Return the covered Cottage Cheese container to the refrigerator and the next day you will have a flavorful Cottage Cheese. 

Yum!  It will store for as long as your Cottage Cheese lasts in the refrigerator, and that’s quite a while, in my experience.

Suggestion:  Try Cottage Cheese on toast in the morning.  Let us know what you think!

About Whole Milk Cottage Cheese:  It is more nutritious (and tastier!) than the fat-free or low-fat versions.  Whole milk contains nutrients that are good for you, which are not present when the milkfat is removed.  It is good to note that we are seeing nutritionists veering away from fat-free and low-fat products.  They realize those products substitute sugars and salts, while depriving our bodies of whole food goodness.  That being said, as long as we control portions then eating un-doctored foods is the way to go for health! 

More recipes from Grace can be found here and here.

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