The Injustice We Live In: The Frederick County Council and Board of Education

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Flawed Reasoning

In a very disturbing video of a County Council meeting, Councilmember Jessica Fitzwater stated that she is a racist.  She believes that racism is based on the color of one’s skin.  “White people are white supremacists”; she says, especially if they have a higher socio-economic status or hold a position in government. 

If Ms. Fitzwater believes she is inherently racist because of her skin color, then she must believe that all people are NOT created equally.  She must believe that all white people are created as racists, while others are not.  Otherwise if it is true that all people are created equal as the Declaration of Independence states, then by her shameful reasoning all people must be born equally racist. 

I doubt she has thought this through………. This is an example of dangerously flawed circular reasoning and flagrant injustice.  It is unlawful.  She and her colleagues have lost their right to govern; they have violated Principles of Justice.

The Frederick County BOE Double Standard

Jonathan (Jay) Mason, Vice President of the Frederick County Board of Education (BOE), believes that it is unnecessary and even racist if a white parent expresses serious concerns and wishes to attend a meeting of the Racial Equity Committee (REC), a subcommittee of the BOE.  “We have educated conversations about how we make the school system better;” he said.   

The following is from a letter Mason wrote to a parent, after she invoked her right to meet with the Board face to face:

The Racial Equity Committee was not created to make accusations about any specific race of students or community members, so there is no need to face anyone.  It was implemented to make recommendations on how to make the FCPS [Frederick County Public Schools] experience the best it possibly can be for each and every student. We want equal treatment and respect for all students’ cultures.  We all have implicit biases, some not implicit and until we face that fact there will no change. ……. I would be happy to talk with you, so you can better understand the Black community.” Jay Mason

Mason’s statements are contradictory.  If the REC has no interest or basis for remediating racism among the white community or any community, then surely the committee by its very name has no purpose and should be defunct.  Furthermore, if Fitzwater and Mason agree on “inherent racism”, then the REC’s goal as Mason described is unachievable; the REC cannot serve all students because of their skin color.

It’s an abuse of authority to insist that a white parent must speak to him to understand the black community, while dismissing the white community and assuming he has nothing to learn.  It is dereliction of duty, and it violates Principles of Justice and Ethics

What is inherent bias?

All people are NOT inherently biased!  There is a difference between personal misunderstanding and inherent bias. The difference is intent.  Inherent bias is rooted in hate and the intent to control and dominate.  It comes with distinct presumptions and contempt for any person or group of people. An inherently biased person seeks to dictate thought and uses their bias to feed their ego-driven need for self-affirmation.

Inherent bias goes hand-in-hand with belittlement, and an overall disrespect for human life.  It is not the same as a personal unintentional misunderstanding at all.  The biased person ultimately sees human nature not as spiritual and sanctified, but rather something material and bothersome in need of fixing.   

In the Public Square

Fitzwater, Mason and others suggest that only certain people have a right to determine what is true, as if they hold the “educated” proprietary rights to that so-called truth.  They have a right to their personal opinions, but they are subjective and groundless opinions.  Subjective opinions are dangerous and destructive when proposed in the public square as “educated” and “truthful”. 

One’s education and status have no bearing on what is true or untrue, just or unjust.  A person’s education, experience and position does not grant them authority over anyone.  Only objective information and Principles of Reason tells us what is real.  Only objective truth has a place in debate and the public square, because it is rooted in principles, and objective non-contradictory evidence. 

Even though they may have the authority to set policies and ordinances, the BOE and County Council have undermined their own legitimacy.  Mason and Fitzwater humiliate the Caucasian American public, because of skin color.  They denigrate the very existence and the natural rights of Americans by claiming to be inclusive of the minority at the expense of the majority.  

Fitzwater and Mason are unreasonable and have no defensible case.   Their claims are arbitrary, and for the sake of justice must be arbitrarily denied. The Frederick County BOE and County Council have one inherent job to do and that is the service of justice, of which they have failed!  They have lost their right to govern, as a result of dereliction of duty and gross injustice.

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