Democrats Pledge To Unite America


I watched parts of the first night of the Democratic National Convention (DNC).  When I learned that Socialist Bernie Sanders was allotted more time than any other speaker (eight minutes), I was very disappointed.    

Eight minutes of Socialist propaganda and I’m supposed to walk away believing the Democrats want to “unite” Americans? How, exactly?

You can listen to Bernie here as he encourages the progressive wing of the Democrat/Socialist party that his “movement continues” and is “getting stronger every day”; his positions that were once thought as “radical” are now “mainstream.”

He recognizes that Donald Trump “jeopardizes” the implementation of his Socialist policies.  Bernie’s eight minutes are full of lies and fearmongering.  Fear moves people to action and the Democrats have perfected the craft.  We are watching it nightly on the news.  Well some of us are if we aren’t watching the propaganda arm of Democrat controlled CNN, MSNBC and others.

Do they plan on uniting us under the Socialist flag?  Since they keep burning the American flag I assume it won’t be the flag of Joe Biden’s America.

Will we unite around the National Anthem?  They certainly have no respect for it as they continue to take a knee while it plays.

Can we come together under our belief in an all-mighty God?  Is it possible when they are burning Bibles and demanding Churches remain closed?

Will we unite under our respect for law, order and the rule of law? They want to defund the police, so that doesn’t seem like a gathering point.

A NYPD police car is set on fire as protesters clash with police during a march against the death in Minneapolis police custody of George Floyd, in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, U.S., May 30, 2020. Picture taken May 30, 2020. REUTERS/Jeenah Moon TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

How about our shared history and common culture?  Nope – that’s built on white supremacy and racism.

Everything that unites us as “Americans” is currently under assault and being dismantled by Democrats and their rising Socialist branch.

What vision of America are they campaigning for?  Who’s really unraveling the fabric that unifies us?

Does the public sincerely believe it’s President Donald Trump and his supporters pulling this country apart?

Can anyone provide a video of Trump supporters assaulting, looting, vandalizing or destroying a cityscape?  Are there videos of Trump rallies or Trump inspired protests that are anger filled or dangerous to attend?

The DNC four minute video “United We Stand: 2020 Candidates”, said Trump “divided this country” and said he was the most “destructive, racist, hateful” President in the history of America who was “tearing apart the fabric of this country.”

Have I misunderstood whose party is tearing down historical monuments that included abolitionists Frederick Douglass and Matthias Baldwin? 

Did I get the wrong memo about who seized personal property in Seattle to set up the CHOP danger zone?  Who facilitated the deaths of two people, restricted movement and demanded “protection” payments in Seattle? 

Marxist Black Lives Matter protests, Antifa fueled riots and Defund the Police movements are not coming from Republicans, Libertarians or conservatives of any stripe.

I’m puzzled by the DNC’s opening video calling on unifying Americans.  I saw an anti-Trump rant with their Utopian wish of “green jobs”, “national paid leave”, “reproductive justice” (What the hell is that?), “economic justice”, and more.  It’s obvious they don’t understand the role of federal government.  It’s obvious why they call for “national” mask mandates.  They don’t understand we are a nation of “sovereign states.”  Their socialistic ideologies were on full display.

The opening video spent time on self-congratulatory stories on surviving the rigors of campaigning. It was interspersed with words of praise for Joe Biden’s compassion and understanding.  It was heavy on pablum and low on “how” Joe plans on “uniting” America when he’s already had decades at it.  They praised his “leadership” but said nothing about what he’s accomplished during his 47 years in office.

They went on to say there is “so much more a new president can do to bring us together.”  Joe’s had 47 years, what’s he been waiting for?  WHEN exactly was he going to get started on all these decades old dog whistles they roll out year after year?

Trump hit the ground running on day one. He showed America when you really want to fix something, with the right leadership it can be done.

Predictably night one ended as it began, blaming President Donald J. Trump and promising the Democrats are the “calvary” and Joe Biden is here to save the day – finally.

* * * * *

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