Marxist Takeover Of Public Education

Robbing Children of an Education in Order to Change American Culture

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As full virtual learning is rolling out in Frederick County, PLEASE take this opportunity given you to view your child’s online lessons.  If there is a silver lining to the hysterical over-reaction to the pandemic, let it be it gave us all a glimpse behind the education curtain.

Whether you approve or not, whether you are on-board or not, whether you wish to believe it or NOT, the focus of today’s public education has changed.  The focus is no longer teaching reading, writing, math and science.  Sports and extra curriculars have been coopted by “standards” or eliminated.  What joy there was, has been sucked from the system.

There is no longer an interest in creating “critical” thinkers inasmuch as the vested interest is in changing American culture and creating generations of activists, Marxists and Democrat Party foot soldiers. 

Black Lives Matter, Inc. (BLM), anti-racism and sexuality are three main areas you as a parent of a Frederick County Public School student should be VERY alert to.  You should be looking for it in every lesson, in every back drop and every link supplied.

How close if Frederick County Public Schools to passing a resolution similar to the one passed on August 26 by Anne Arundel County Public Schools in support of the Black Lives Matter agenda?

The BLM movement is hell-bent on destroying American culture and customs.  They say so themselves, that’s no hyperbole.  One of the tools in their quiver is “anti-racism” teaching. The goal is to make children and young people hate America.  If they hate America, they will reject our societal and cultural norms.

First, they need to detach children from their parents.  Bonding with the teacher becomes a goal along with elevating the teacher’s opinions over that of the parents. Teachers are “all knowing”, we, are “idiots.” How many of you are conservative parents wondering how your children got to be so liberal?

Open Brain, Insert Ideology – Cass Sunstein

They’re doing to public education what they did to television shows – treat and portray parents as incompetent boobs to be ignored.

Before you dismiss that idea, remember when Common Core math cause/d anxiety in you and your children?  Now recall how many times you hear/d “But Mom!  My teacher says not to do it that way, it’s WRONG!”

They need to separate us from our children like they already separated us from our churches.  

Today’s education is not your or your parent’s education. The focus is on erasing your familial ideology from your child and inserting theirs.  The goal can not be restated enough – to DESTROY American culture. I wrote about this before here.

If 2020 and the Covid Pandemic has any redeeming quality, lord knows we need one, it’s that it’s given parents the perfect opportunity to see what their children are learning. Teachers are worried that you and I might discover what’s really being taught. They’ve said as much.  Because we don’t know what teachers are using these lessons and curriculum, every teacher must scrutinized.

We can get out of this mess by home schooling or demanding real local control over our classrooms. Getting real control is going to take time.  I suggest if you can, remove your children from the government/union controlled indoctrination camps.

We need to return to the place where parents partnered with teachers.  We need to return to when we valued each other’s opinions and worked as a team to educate our children.  Most importantly educators need to respect these are NOT their children and what we want taught to them, is OUR responsibility.

The 800 files mentioned in the Glenn Beck special can be found here.

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