How Flat Does The Curve Have To Be


“Flatten the Curve” and “Slow the Spread” have somehow come to mean “stop death”.   The American, Maryland and Frederick County public have been done a huge disservice by the media and elected representatives.

Flattening the curve was never about saving lives.  It was always about trying to slow the rate at which people would need to be hospitalized.

On March 25 Governor Larry Hogan said: 

“We’ve been taking unprecedented action nearly every single day for 25 straight days, I believe. We’ve issued 26 executive orders. We closed a number of our state businesses. We’ve been taking these actions to try to – you hear a lot about this, you know, bending the curve or flattening the curve.”

MOSHA and CDC Guidelines

The theory was yes, flattening the curve would prolong the time the virus was in the community, but lives would be saved because they would have access to medical care.  There is no evidence to back up that claim.  It was presented to the public to convince us to put ourselves under house arrest and later to cover our face with a useless piece of cloth or paper.  Yes, paper.  The CDC said we could use paper to cover our faces.

So the curve has been flattened to the point it’s headed downward.  We are better than flat.  Why is the Governor’s illegal Executive Order still in effect? 

Does Governor Hogan still need the spotlight so he can retain his national footprint – he is selling a book.  What better way to call attention to your book than to prolong an emergency that is no longer an emergency? 

Ask yourself, if the EO was lifted would national news want interviews?  Where would Hogan be able to go and have millions of people focused on him?  Talk about abuse of power.

I’m feeling sacrificed for this Governor’s personal enrichment.

It’s time to admit we’ve all been played.  As of this morning’s statistics from various coronavirus trackers show the survival rate is still 99.97%.  The media wants you to believe people are dropping like flies and that is simply not true.

According to, Maryland currently has 606,072 NEGATIVE test results and 75,016 current cases.  From the start 11,625 people were hospitalized, 447 are currently hospitalized; 129 are currently in an ICU and none are on a ventilator. 

I have had friends who lost loved ones to this virus.  It’s tragic and sad.  The facts still remain that young and healthy people are not the demographic that succumbs.  We need to stay positive and STOP listening to fear porn.  STOP listening to the voices that, for whatever reason, want to keep you socially isolated, living in fear and dreading tomorrow.

Ask yourself, is Maryland being used to help Governor Hogan sell books?

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