Got Privilege?

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I’m so tired – so, so, so very tired! I’m tired every time I turn around of being called a “RACIST!” simply because I’m white. I’m tired that I’m told I have a “privileged life” simply because I’m white. I’m tired of hearing only white people are the ones capable of being racist! I’m tired of seeing people attacking police officers, burning building, looting and assaulting others while being told they are “peacefully protesting”. If I say otherwise – “Racist!”

I’m tired of being told I need to apologize to people for things I’ve never done. But mostly I’m SICK and tired of spineless, pandering, low life politicians doing or saying anything they can to simply to get votes from the mob.

The vast majority of this country need to stand up to the people that scream “racist” ovoer every little thing. We need to push out any and all politicians that pander to the mob. They are beyond disingenuous and only further divide this country.

We need to stop appeasing the mob, push back and “Back the Blue”.  There needs to be support for politicians, on every level that openly display common sense. We need to demand our elected officials serve ALL their constituents and stop bowing solely to demands of these emotional gangs.

White people don’t have the market cornered on racism. All races can be, and anyone that tries to tell you differently, well, that’s racist. It’s ok to be white, just like it’s ok to be black or brown or whatever you are, no one should be told otherwise, by anyone for any reason.

We need to stop allowing a few brain dead racists to divide this country further. If we don’t, it will get far worse. What happened to talking it out, or agreeing to disagree and moving on?

Why whenever I see one of the emotional mob (ANTIFA, BLM) being interviewed, as soon as they are asked anything questioning their viewpoint, they become loud and aggressive? Then they’ll turn around and say, they are the ones with the “open minds.” All they do when they try to “spread the word” is destroy, kill, loot and burn everything around them.  Then the media applauds them.

Some politicians condone this behavior as well. Why?  They think it makes them look “woke” and will get them more votes. Like the local politician that announced she was a “racist” only because she’s white. I won’t mention her name, because what she did is ridiculous, laughable and disgusting. She is undeserving of being mentioned again.

The really scary thing is, she’s a school teacher. I’ll say that again, she’s a school teacher.

If that doesn’t scare you, it should. No one ruled that much by their emotions should be around children in any capacity. Make no mistake, if that’s truly how she feels, and she isn’t just pandering for votes, that feeling of “self-loathing” comes through in her interactions with the kids she teaches. 

That and that alone should have any parent of children she has contact with, marching to her school with torches and pitchforks to demand she step down. 

At the end of the day, people like her, aren’t interested in anything but forcing their emotions on everyone around them. 

The silent majority needs to stop being so damn silent and speak up, our country is at stake! 

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