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For at least a decade Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) has actively engaged in training students to be foot soldiers for the Culture War on America. 

March 2018

Denied for years, in 2018 it finally leaked into the public square as we watched 2,200 FCPS students walk out of class on March 14. They had full support of Superintendent Alban, the Board of Education, principals and teachers.  Students walked out to protest AGAINST their Constitutional right to own guns. Not one student was punished.  Not one class was held to counter the anti-Constitution message.  In fact, BoE President Brad Young praised them while chiding those in opposition to “get out of their way.”

It’s been down hill ever since the voters of Frederick County rejected conservative Board of Education candidates. Every sitting member is a political activist more concerned with changing the culture than teaching Johnny to read.

In the next few months The Tentacle will be reporting on how FCPS is abusing its platform by manipulating the county’s children with irrational, dangerous ideology.  Now that the fruits of their teachings are making the news daily, I think the public may be more receptive to the truth.  It’s public education’s “red pill” moment – can you handle the truth?

In 2013 I became consciously aware that FCPS was teaching children to become activists against “big tobacco.”  Tobacco might be dangerous, but it isn’t the role of public educators to use our children as a means to reach someone else’s ends. 

Brett Stark, the head of Curriculum and Health Education, gave a presentation to the Board of Education and was proud to proclaim FCPS’s “Day of Activism.”  Students would be handed over the school PA systems and encouraged to create the change necessary to end FCPS’ chosen boogieman – “Big Tobacco.”  When asked if the students could have a day of activism against abortion – crickets.

How does a liberal public school system use children to implement its agenda to change the culture of America? Over time (13 years), covertly and subtly.

Future columns will focus on how FCPS is influencing your child’s world view, both past and present.  What they are doing is morally reprehensible.  Parents should be outraged.  I can only assume they aren’t because they don’t know what’s really being taught.  Some will be OK with it because it fits their ideology; for those of us it doesn’t fit, well, it sucks to be us. 

Something parents should be investigating: Over the summer the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) is offering continuing education classes for teachers and administrators.  Classes will be taught around these themes:

  • Social-Emotional learning
  • Equity and Social Justice
  • Virtual Pedagogy 
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Culturally-Responsive Pedagogy

The State Superintendent’s July 10 email: One of the courses offered, Equity and Justice, is a primer workshop for educators looking to take ownership of key terminology to launch them into a deeper understanding of educational equity, bias, and inclusion. This course is being facilitated by MSDE’s Coordinator of Fine Arts Alysia Lee.”

This raised two questions for me.  One – Why is the Coordinator of Fine Arts facilitating the class for “Equity and Justice?”  Two – Why is the Coordinator of Fine Arts facilitating the class for “Equity and Justice?”

I popped over to the Fine Arts page on the MSDE website to learn that Maryland adopted art “standards.”  Many focus on societal, cultural and historical connections.  A word search in the standards reveals that “culture” is referenced 22 times, “social” is referenced 19 times, “political experience” is referenced 9 times. “Beauty” is referenced zero times and “joy” is referenced zero times. You can find the standards here

Would you be surprised to read the following are expectations (E) in the “art” standards:

“Anchor Standard 1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.”

E:9-12:1: Visualize and hypothesize to generate plans for ideas and directions for creating art design that can elevate the community and influence social change.  Apply knowledge of histories and traditions. (Emphasis added.)

“Anchor Standard 6: Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work.”  “Essential Question:  Objects, artifacts … communicate meaning and a record of social, cultural, and political experiences resulting in the cultivating of appreciation and understanding.”

E:6-8:2: Explain the environmental, social, and ethical implications of using various tools, materials, equipment, and images to create works of art and design.  (Emphasis added.)

When did art cease to be about “beauty” and become focused on social, cultural and political experiences? 

FCPS and public education realize parents have checked out of “knowing” the actual resources, curriculum and standards.  They seized that opportunity to remove classical learning and install activism training. 

It begins with “Click, Clack, Moo” in the elementary grades.  It moves on to your child spray painting a statue of Thomas Jefferson and screaming into the faces of police officers.  It ends with assaulting strangers for disagreeing with them, while apologizing for being white.

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All of MSDE’s Arts standards can be found here.

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