Frederick County Public Schools and the Dismantling of America – Part III

Teaching Our Children They or Their Friends Were Born Racists

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Per the teachers union video seen in Part II, Councilman/teacher Fitzwater admitted “Being an activist effects my students.”  We know Frederick County Public Schools is currently educating our children’s teachers on “anti-racism and how to be an “anti-racist educator.”

The anti-racist stated goal is to dismantle America because, according to them, it was founded on “white privilege” (Goal #31 – belittle America). This is something else Ms. Fitzwater admitted in her Councilman comments on July 22 in Part I.

Anti-racism defined:  “Anti-racism examines the power imbalances between racialized people and non-racialized/white people. These imbalances play out in the form of unearned privileges that white people benefit from and racialized people do not (McIntosh, 1988 See our definition of White Privilege/White-Skin Privilege).”

Get that?  If you are white, you didn’t earn anything.  You have or don’t have things based on your skin color. Meritocracy doesn’t exist in this world; it doesn’t exist in public education anymore.  The “trophies for everyone” era put a stop to personal achievement. According to the new education model, we all sink or swim based on those around us and our skin color.  This is where “systemic racism” comes into play. “Individuality” and “personal achievement” are now racist.

“Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness,”

“Anti-Racism” training is going on around the country as you read this. Whites everywhere are being told they need to “undo” their “whiteness.” As reported by Chris Rufo of Seattle’s City Journal, city workers were mandated to attend a training titled “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness.” During this training, whites were told they had to curb their relationships with other whites, give up their comfort and individualism. These were symptoms of “white superiority.”

FCPS has over 3,000 teachers.  Did they all receive anti-racist training?  Will they use it?  Are our children in danger?  Do your beliefs mesh with what FCPS wants to teach them?

Are you comfortable with Councilman Fitzwater taking her anti-racist activism into her classroom?  Are you comfortable with her teaching your children (if she hasn’t already) to “accept” they are racist?  

Just as FCPS taught our children in 2013 to rise up against “big tobacco” and in 2018 to rise up against the Second Amendment, through anti-racisim teaching they will teach our children to rise up and destroy “systemically racist” America. 

That’s what the 1619 Project school curriculum is all about.  Remember when that story magically appeared out of nowhere in the Frederick News Post?  Why did someone who doesn’t live in Frederick County decide to drop that into our local paper?  (Goal #20 – infiltrate press)

Fitzwater and others are setting the table for things to come in Frederick County – in government and in public education.  They will be pitting races against each other to create chaos in order to achieve the desired goal of dismantling traditional America.

Being a respected member of the community, Mrs. Fitzwater is the perfect figurehead for the Marxist movement here in Frederick.  She knows exactly what she is doing. 

During the summer FCPS administrators, teachers and staff have been reading books on how to be “anti-racist” educators and administrators.  Books like Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You; White Awake: An Honest Look at what it means to be white; I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness and others

These are the materials they use to share their anti-racist propaganda with Frederick and our children.   

FCPS 2020 Summer Professional Development

If you are unfamiliar with the word “scaffold” as used in the education setting, it’s what you imagine.  It’s a framework where you start at point A and build until you arrive at point B.  We can infer from all of the disturbing things we’ve seen coming out of FCPS lately that point A is “white children and staff need to be encouraged to embrace their inherent racism” and point B is “accepting you are born a racist into a racist society because it was built by racist whites” and point C is to “actively participate in the dismantling of America culture, traditions and laws.”

I feel you rolling your eyes and scratching your heads in disbelief.  You are only being asked to consider the possibility.

Informed people know the National Education Association (NEA) is the activist arm of the Democrat Party. The 2020 NEA “Summer Justice Series” wants to “Examine ways to dismantle white supremacy in K12 education with Delma Jackson and Robin Carter-Cooper.”

NEA 2020 Summer Justice Series

The Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) is the local chapter of the NEA and Democrat Party.  A 2020 summer MSEA professional development class wants to teach “The History of Systemic Racism & How to be an Anti-Racist Educator.”  It was so popular, they had to turn teachers away.

Who better to spearhead the transformation of American culture here in Frederick County then our very own councilman/teacher Jessica Fitzwater- National Education Association political activist of the year!

FCPS is setting the 2020-21 school year to be the year of “anti-racist education.”  Luckily forces have interrupted that inculcation.  Use this time wisely to research and decide for yourself if there is a grain of truth in these columns.

Councilman/teacher Jessica Fitzwater; Frederick County Public Schools; Superintendent Theresa Alban; Board Members Brad Young, Jay Mason, Elizabeth Barrett, Michael Bunitsky, Rae Gallagher, Karen Yoho and Lois Jarman believe all whites are racists. They must share Ms. Fitzwater’s belief, after all they jointly approved the professional development, curriculum and resources.

Are you ready to have your white children told daily they’re racist or your black or brown children told their white friends were born racist? Are you ready to have your white child taught they need to “undo their whiteness”? Is this public education’s idea on how to build unity? Is this The Promise of a Public Education you signed your children up for?

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