Frederick County Public Schools and the Dismantling of America – Part II

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Of the 45 Communist Goals for America written about yesterday, many of them can be seen utilized around the country by the Democrat party. For purposes of this red pill moment I’ve only chosen a few.  The others are in the link provided in Part I.

Goal #17 (infiltrate schools) became easier to implement in 1979 when President Jimmy Carter (D), created the U.S. Department of Education.  In 2010 the national adoption of Common Core State Standards solidified the weakness in the content taught and handed over standard and resource writing to outsiders — outsiders who are often beholden to foreign nations with agendas.

Goal #17 and #31 (belittle American culture) were brought to light locally in 2011 with the Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) text book Social Studies Alive – Our Community and Beyond. Even liberal Washington Post writer Robert McCartney agreed the book was biased – Frederick shouldn’t use slanted, 3rd grade textbook – even if it leans same way I do.  How many other books are there?

Goal #19 (student lead riots/protests) were seen locally in 2013 with the “Big Tobacco” day of activism; in the 2018 student Walk Out against the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and as recently as Saturday, July 25 when Urbana High School teens held a Black Lives Matter protest in Urbana. 

Do these teens know the Marxist roots of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement? Did their teachers conveniently not discuss this? How do these protesters reconcile the defacing of historical monuments due to unsavory backgrounds, yet embrace the murderous past of Marxism? Was the Saturday BLM protest really a teen organized event, or just made to look like one? Where our children, once again, used as tools for the left? The images I have seen of the event looked like a small group of mostly white 20-30 year olds.

Goal #20 (infiltrate press/policy writing) we see every day and night on the fake news and legacy media.  Perhaps you saw the July 20, 2020 Frederick News Post article on the 1619 Project?  Hannah Farrow is a freelance writer who doesn’t live in Frederick.  Who/what inspired that article?

Goals #31 and #25 (break down morality) are seen in policy 443.  This policy discards First Amendment protections of freedom of speech, previously written about here.  It also denies science and biology by allowing boys and girls to proclaim they are the opposite sex and promoted as “normal.”  This policy allows people to invade the private spaces set aside for the opposite sex.  It’s also seen in sex education teaching where children are taught a penis is a toy and anal sex is normal and healthy.

Goal #22 couldn’t be more in the spotlight if The Tentacle tried. Ms. Fitzwater isn’t “just” a music teacher. She’s an elected Councilman, admitted activist and the National Education Association’s 2014 activist of the year. How she combines all those roles is extremely important. Parents whose children attend Oakdale Elementary should be alarmed and if I were a person of color, I would be highly offended. What Fitzwater said was people of color can’t get ahead with out white people clearing the way for them. Isn’t that what racism looks like?

Remember Goal #22 is to propagandize people through the arts. I wrote previously the Maryland State Department of Education’s (MSDE) 2020 Art standards didn’t focus on “beauty” and “joy” but rather cultural, social and political experiences. It also gives us the answer to why the Coordinator of Fine Arts was facilitating the seminar on Equity and Justice. Art is now for propaganda, not beauty.

Councilman Fitzwater did us a solid when she proclaimed she is a white privileged racist and disparaged American systems (Goal #31 – belittle the culture).  Through her condemnation of every white person in Frederick, she has (hopefully) made you more receptive to consider how Frederick County government and FCPS are using our children to reach the desired goal of dismantling American history and culture.

Is it a coincidence County Executive Jan Gardner (D) announced on July 24, two days after Fitzwater’s proclamation, the creation of a Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer?  The public is being primed.

Fitzwater didn’t say she’s a racist because she believes it to be true.  She’s stating it because it’s a Marxist’s tool used to control the behavior of people who are under their influence.  In her case, she has several large groups – constituents, FCPS teachers/employees, students and their parents. She is the total package of Goals #17 (education), #19 (using students for protests), #22 (the arts) and #20 (policy writing).

“… even if they have no interest in the content.”

Fitzwater is a respected and well known elementary school music teacher.  Her position in the community gives her access to implement the above referenced Goals. She has influence over the most impressionable among us as well as their parents and her co-workers. Her students “love” her; she’s the music teacher. She has power over every child she comes in contact with in her school – she admitted that.

“Being an activist effects my students.”

In Part III, I’ll tie it all together.

Editor’s Note: Part III.

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