Why Americans Struggle Against The Cults of Black Lives Matter (BLM) And The Left

A Crash Course for the American Patriot – Part 1 of 4


The development of culture and civilization has grown out of 10 basic principles.  They have formed the foundation of civility, justice, and objectivity in cultures around the world.  History has shown that the decline of even one of these principles has opened a pathway for corruption, deceit, injustice, cultural decline, leftism and such groups as BLM.

Failure to teach any of these principles has led to epidemic abuse.  What are they?

  • 3 Principles of Reason
  • 3 Principles of Ethics
  • 3 Principles of Justice and Natural Rights
  • 1 Fundamental Principle of Identity and Culture

The very existence of BLM and the left’s Marxist agenda is a violation of each principle.   No bias, stigmatization, demoralization or persecution has ever occurred in history without someone claiming that their bias was absolute “truth.” 

Nazi propaganda began with the allegation that Jews and others were really inferior.  Stalin propaganda began with the notion that non-Communists were really dissidents and agitators.   In the same way, BLM states that white people are really racists. 

These universal principles are tools for patriots to stop the insanity of BLM and the left, as well as prevent future injustices against the American patriot and the American Creed.  Let’s start with the Principles of Reason.

How to Win the Argument

 Principles of Reason are simple ways to validate truth: (1) quantity of evidence, the principle of complete explanation, (2) logical consistency of arguments, the principle of non-contradiction, and (3) the quality of evidence, the principle of objective evidence

When used, these 3 principles can destroy the left’s talking points and radical agenda.   No longer will Americans be forced to “agree to disagree,” shut down a conversation, or be lulled into misguided notion that all opinions are valid in the public square.

Quantity of Evidence

The best opinion is the one that explains the most, and is it has to be verifiable by the most evidence.    So, Einstein’s theory about the universe is better than Sir Isaac Newton’s because it explains more.  This principle applies to every science.

Evidence is not personal opinion, observations, or feelings.  BLM has no evidence of inherent racism among white Americans, nor any evidence to verify their claim.

Principle of non-contradiction: Valid theories or opinions have no internal contradictions

This principle/rule of logic has stood the test of time.  It is the opposite of circular reason.   It means that something cannot be its contrary, for example; a man cannot be 6 feet tall and 6’3” tall in the same place and time.  Denial of this principle leads to absurdity.  If untrue, then all words would be meaningless. 

The left laughably demands that there is no absolute truth, but they believe that statement to be absolutely true.  BLM believes that freedom is both “getting what I want when I want it” AND also” living for justice, and a deep meaning of life.”  These are contradictory; both definitions cannot be true at the same time. 

Objective Evidence: The best kind of evidence is accessible to everyone

Arbitrary assertions without objective evidence are then arbitrarily denied based on lack of evidence.  Done! Drop the mike and walk off the debate stage! 

Personal experiences are not good evidence to prove something publicly.  When evidence can be documented, corroborated, confirmed and viewed by essentially everyone, its objective.   

BLM’s evidence is irrational; it is beneath the caliber of groupthink.  Ironically, BLM uses the same kind of flawed reasoning as with the Dred Scott vs Sanford decision.   In 1857, the Supreme Court erroneously ruled that a slave was not a citizen and had no rights to personhood.    

Through the lens of their personal bias and materialistic way of viewing human life, BLM implies that a person is nothing more than a body with skin color.  BLM rejects the very nature of the people they hypocritically claim to want to uplift.  They underestimate personhood and virtually force others to live less than fully as a victim!

It is time for Americans to learn these universal principles and use them everywhere. They empower us all, negate the voice of insanity, and preserve the liberty and justice we deserve. 

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